Do You Have Inner Sparkle? A Love Story For Girls (Of Any Age)

Do you have inner sparkle?

That is the question.

The answer is yes, sweetheart… you do.

But to be absolutely certain, you should first read these words.

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They’ve been written for you. Personally.

Do you remember? Once you were a little girl. You were told how to do your hair, what to wear. How to talk, how to say hello.

Your movements, your language, your style, your very self, were all controlled by adults.

At that time there wasn’t much room for you. The world was run by others, the grown-ups.

Then inevitably, you too grew up.

You began to be interested in how you fitted into the world. You wanted to look like one or other of your friends. Maybe like a film star or a photo of a singer in a magazine. You tried to find your own identity: a role in which you could express yourself.

So you followed the trends. You took up one fashion, then the next, then the next…

And where are you today?

Today, you suddenly remember that such a thing as inner sparkle exists.

Women with sparkle can be found on every continent, in every country. They are immediately recognisable.

In Africa, in the Americas, in Asia, in Europe, in a jungle tribe or at the top of a sky scraper, women with inner sparkle are the most remarkable of them all.

Why? They are everywhere at ease. Everything suits them.

Women with inner sparkle seem more free, less predictable. They have the power to astonish.

“How do they manage it? What is their secret? Were they born lucky? Have the stars helped them?”

No, it’s not a question of chance or a lucky star sign. There are three billion women on mother nature’s green earth. ALL of us are born with inner sparkle.

But many of us lose our inner sparkle as we hit the sharp edges of life, and that bounce in our stride is lost.

It’s so easy to forget that we ALL have inner sparkle. All you have to do is act like everyone else, think like everyone else and listen to everyone else’s opinions.

So, you forget who YOU really are. You forget you have your own tastes, desires, dislikes, rejections.

You forget to be yourself. And your inner sparkle vanishes into thin air.

Inner sparkle deserts women who behave like everyone else.

The first lesson of inner sparkle is to Just. Be. You.

Try it.


Close your eyes for a few moments.

Can you feel it?

There are incredible aspects deep within you.

Impulses, thoughts, ideas. They have great value. They give you YOUR value.

Until now, you’ve kept them to yourself.

Suppose you express them?

Suppose you no longer allow others to decide for you what’s beautiful or ugly, the ‘done’ thing, right or wrong?

Suppose you decide to give much greater importance to your senses, your feelings, your heart.

And less to habit, custom, social codes, “what will the (curtain-twitching) neighbours say”…

Of course, it’s a bit scary.

You hesitate. You’re afraid of making a fool of yourself, of being criticised.

Yet the worst danger of all for any chica is to lose her inner sparkle.

No, you will not make a fool of yourself… you will BE yourself. You won’t be ostracised, you will charm.

Who? Almost everyone, and most importantly, YOURSELF.

When? Immediately.

Inner sparkle is inexplicable. All you have to do is dream, believe and act. And if you’re afraid, so much the better…the butterflies make it all the more exciting.


Learn in a moment what no-one taught you as a child. The contrary of what you were taught.

No imitation.

Be YOU. Your inner sparkle abounds. Set it free.

Sparkly love etc, Avril

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