BEFORE You Make Your New Year’s Resolution – Do This 1 thing

Who doesn’t love a new year?

That crisp, clean, shiny new-ness of it.

Breathe in the possibilities….oooooh yeah!

But, before you leap into your 2014 resolutions, here’s something you should do. It’ll help you sweep clean all the virtual noise and clutter from 2013.

Drowning in clutter

It’s super important that you eliminate the accumulated clutter from this last year. You see, clutter blocks EVERYTHING.

Blocks our thinking.
Stymies our flow.
Drains us of our energy.

It literally weighs us down – physically and emotionally mentally – suffocating us.

So, if you want clarity, inspiration and sparkle in 2014, join me in this simple exercise for the final days of December.

Clearing the virtual clutter. Or stop drowning in email.

It’s the technological age. With all our mobiles, iPads and computers our virtual worlds are very noisy. Our inboxes are chokers – all those emails, newsletters, blog posts et cetera.

Sure, we’re blessed to have so much information at our fingertips, but it definitely doesn’t feel blissful or invigorating when your inbox overloaded.  Bing ding ding, you have a gazillion unread messages.

All those unread newsletters sit there, goading us. Their un-read-ness reminding us how much there is to get through. They fester in our inbox, while we hope that, “Tomorrow, I’ll have more time”. We don’t.

The truth is even when we do get a moment, we don’t read them. Because we all know there’s never enough time to read all the emails that we don’t actually want to read!!!!! And we don’t need to… let them go.

Here’s how to streamline your inbox…

There are two types of email. The first type make me physically cringe as they appear in the Sender’s Column. What the heck was I thinking when I subscribed?

In hindsight, the emails that make my stomach contract, I subscribed to out of fear. Fear of not being enough: good enough / smart enough / successful enough.

Enough of feeling ‘not enough!’

Over the course of the final days of December, those emails – the ones the you never have time to read or make your stomach contract – are going to go! Immediately.

A simple click on the unsubscribe line at the bottom of the page is all it takes. Done. Gone.

The second type of email is completely different. These are newsletters I subscribed to because they make me laugh, offer a fresh perspective and make me feel nourished and supported. Those notes are always welcome into my inbox – no matter how busy I am.

My inbox rule: only love and nourishment is allowed to come into my inbox. Anything that’s preachy or I’m-not-enoughy is unsubscribed to and deleted immediately.

So, between now and January 1st (or as long as it takes), I’m setting aside a couple of minutes each morning to unsubscribe to any of the emails that make me feel heavy.

You know what I mean, darling. Just let them go so that you can create space for what you do want in your inbox. And life.

And by next year, I’m going to have a stream-lined, loved-filled inbox with only emails of nourishment and inspiration.

Aren’t you ready to enter 2014 clear-minded, fresh and ready for your best year yet?!

Love etc, Avril

P.S. I’m going to get really brave here and say this – I certainly hope that you feel the love in my blog posts, but if you do decide to unsubscribe, I wish you well.

I only want to be in your inbox if it helps you make the changes in your life that you want to make. If you choose to let me stay, I have something fun-filled coming up for the New Year. If you’re tired of the usual dull resolutions, you’re going to love this adventure!

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