‘Bored To Tears’ By New Year’s Resolutions?


A fortnight ago, a bunch of brave women – maybe even gorgeous you – resolved to make changes to their weight, shape and size.

If your commitment to your NY’s resolution is already waning, here’s ONE specific thing you can do immediately to make 2017 the year you become comfortable in your own skin.

Forget “bored to tears”

Resolve and write down your big goal. Make sure it’s something that is meaningful to you. Not your husband, your best friend, but you.

Also, make sure it inspires and excites you. It’s impossible to remain committed to a goal that bores you to tears.

For example, do you really want this year to be about “losing 20kgs?”

Wouldn’t you rather 2017 be the year you “fell deeply in love with yourself. Oh, and by the way, you shifted 20kgs in the process?”

Yes or yes?!

Next, and most importantly…

The most important step – make the daily action that leads towards your goal, absolutely tiny. Minuscule even. So small you can’t help but achieve it.

Most of the time, whatever we’re stuck on is doable if we break it onto small enough action steps.

So, instead of resolving to “lose a 50kgs by March”, decide to shift one kilo. Just-the-one-kilo.

Focus on changing one small aspect of your day that takes you in the direction of shifting that 1kg.

Maybe it’s taking a 15-minute walk after dinner 5 times a week. Perhaps it’s switching off the telly and sitting at the table when you eat so you can be more mindful of your food.

Pick one thing to focus on at a time.

Then, when you’ve shifted that kilo, celebrate! Perhaps a haircut or a massage – and resolve to shift one more kg.

After that one’s gone, get a manicure, and commit to shifting one more kilo and changing one more habit.

Before you know it, you’ve dropped a dress size and you’re positively glowing from all the celebratory self care. You’re on a roll – yahoo!

And even better than the thinner thighs, is the growing belief in yourself. You can do this. You are doing this! Easily, patiently and gracefully.

I know it’s not especially glamorous but this method gets results.

Remember, small habit-change adds up to radical change over time. It’s about taking the next small – often very imperfect – step that takes you closer to your dream.

You’re rebuilding trust in yourself.
You’re gathering momentum.
You’re setting yourself up for a fabulous 2017.

And, if you’ve already fallen off the wagon, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh.
Every day.
Like today.

And keep on, keeping on.

Love etc, Avril

PS: How are you progressing with your NY’s resolution? Lasting change can be challenging – I get that. If you’re struggling with commitment, perhaps hypnotherapy is the way forward for you. Why not c’mon over and have a chat….

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