Comedy or Tragedy: What’s YOUR Weight Loss Story?

So, what’s your story, sweetheart?

No, really…. I’m curious – what’s your story.

“What? Is she insane? I don’t have a ‘story’!!!”

We all have stories, honey. Every single one of us.

Let me repeat the question…

What’s the story you tell yourself that prevents you from being the shape and size you choose to be?

As in, what’s the line you give yourself – usually completely below your radar – that keeps you from being your happy weight?

Power of stories

See, here’s the thing.

Stories have enormous power. They create our reality. Whatever we believe in our minds and hearts, we become.  We ‘live out’ our stories in our day to day.

Ironically (and sadly), these ‘stories’ are often completely untrue and have no scientific or factual foundation. But we still believe them!

For example, people who believe ‘I’m one lucky son of a gun’ find they are lucky as they go about their day. Conversely, people who feel “unlucky” find loads of evidence that ‘proves’ their lack of luck.

Here’s the kicker – we actually delete any evidence that goes against our story.

For example, say your story is, “Menopause adds 10kgs” then you’ll unconsciously ‘delete’ or ‘forget to notice’ all those post-menopausal women who didn’t add that extra 10 going through the change.

Incredible isn’t it! Our unconscious mind will go so far as to delete any evidence that’s contrary to your story.

First things first

Since our stories are so powerful in creating the life we live, you need to make sure that your story is a positive one, as in, one that supports your weight loss goals, instead of sabotaging them.

But, first things first.

The first step is to get clear, real clear, on exactly what your current story is so you can let it go and create a freer, lighter, more joyful story that leads to weight loss.

Find your own story

You can find your own story by finishing this sentence.

“I can’t lose weight because….”

For example:

Everyone in my family is overweight. I’m just following family tradition…
I really love pies / chocolate / chips….
I haven’t got the time / money…
I’m too busy looking after my kids / parents…
I’ve got big bones…
I’m a foodie…
I’m allergic to gyms…
I’ve always been overweight so I’ll always be overweight…
I have no willpower….
I have a slow metabolism….
I hate vegetables…
I just love food….
I’m a mum. Once you’re a mum, it’s game over…
I hate exercising…
I have to eat when I’m bored / stressed / lonely….
Since my knee replacement / sports injury / operation I can’t lose weight…

Which of those stories touched a nerve with you? Maybe reading this list triggered a few of your own stories?

Sometimes our story might be around a medical condition. Even these stories can be changed.

For example, several months ago a lovely client who’d struggled with her weight since she was a teen, had the story, “Because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome weight loss is difficult for me.”

Once she changed her story to “POS is not the boss of me – I can become slim, fit and healthy with or without POS” – she did. She lived out her story. Metaphorically, she tore the pages out of the unsupportive story and penned herself a new one.

You can do it too.

I admit it can be depressing coming face to face with the story (or stories) that’ve kept you stuck at your unhappy weight, especially if you’ve been overweight for a while, but it is a starting point.

We’ve all got to start somewhere.

The great news is that once you’ve identified your story, you can change it, rewrite it, start with a clean page.

Remember, anything you tell yourself, you will find evidence for and live out, so make sure the story you’re telling yourself is a good one!

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’ve got a story that you can’t seem to amend, drop me a line and we can re-write it together with hypnotherapy. Let’s pen a new story for you – one of glowing health and you being your happy weight.

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