Finally… Learn The RIGHT Way To Weigh Yourself

How many times a day do you weigh yourself?

Be honest, hon.

Several months ago I had the pleasure of hypnotising a lovely lady who jumped on the scales up to 15 times a day.

Fifteen. Times. Per. Day.


She had a set of scales at home and a set in her office bathroom. Every time she nipped to the loo she’d jump on the scales “to see if my new regime’s working”.

Invariably she’d return to her desk feeling flat, weak, de-motivated. Think superman and kryptonite.

We’ve all been there. OK, maybe not 15 times per day, but we’ve all experienced that post-scale deflation.

Confidence destroying

It’s crazy, isn’t it.

There’s this inanimate object lurking in bathrooms all around the world. This object has enormous power over us – the power to ruin entire days. To make us feel weak and unmotivated.

It mistakenly convinces us that we’ll never be the shape and size we want to be.

So, if you’re sick of the confidence-destroying power that the scale holds over you, you’re going to love today’s post.

Step 5: Biff the scales

That’s right, toss ‘em.

Extreme, I know.

If the idea of being scale-less scares you silly, get hubby to hide them in the garage with instructions to unearth them maximum once a month.

I repeat, maximum once per month.

A monthly weigh-in allows you to track your progress, without the de-motivating-but-entirely-natural daily ups and downs of fluid retention or time-of-the-month heaviness.

Here’s the thing.

By changing your daily habits you are allowing your miraculous body to create change too.

But it’s vital – absoloooodle vital – that you give yourself the ‘gift of space’ in which to create these changes.

You’d never plant a seed in the garden and then dig it up daily or weekly to ‘see if it’s growing yet’. It is. There’s a whole bunch of wonderful stuff going on beneath the surface and all you have to do is keep watering the seed, and trust.

Becoming less reliant on the scales is all part of the trust process.

Clients realise that they don’t need a scale to tell them they’re making progress – they can feel that bounce in their step, they can see their silhouette changing shape in the mirror, they feel in control and confident.

The scale is only part of the story.

Mrs Apple
I once had a client who lost three dress sizes. NB: a drop in dress size is – more or less – a loss of 5kgs. Her body went from apple-shaped to very athletic and toned. Every one of her measurements reduced…..but her actual weight on the scale didn’t budge, not a single smidge!

Sure, this is an extreme case. Most women who go down three dress sizes also lose weight as per the scale. But you can see how important it is to use measures other than the scale.

So, there you have it darling.

Mrs Fifteen-Times-A-Day Update: Initially, she got her children to hide the scales. While she couldn’t image life without scales, she was very aware that “the number on the scale was the ‘stick with which I beat myself up.’”

When she started listening to her body, the weight started to shift. Hooray.

Three months later…. she started self-sabotaging by returning to her scales to the bathroom.

She plateaued.

So finally, she put them in a skip. By her own admission, “the scales are kryptonite to me, so I’ve now biffed them for good”.

Why not lay down your own personal beating-up-stick, and give yourself the gift of space too?

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’d like to experience freedom from the scales hypnotherapy might just be the answer for you. Why not drop me a line so you can be the shape and size YOU want to be?

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