Happy Holidays: 5 Tips for a No-Weight-Gain Christmas

With breath-taking speed the holiday season is here!

This party season, I’m challenging myself to commit to five small changes to avoid the holiday weight gain trap.

I’d love you to join me.

These five simple changes can make a huge difference in how you experience the ‘silly season’ and set you up for a no-weight-gain holiday.

1. Stop giving yourself ‘permission’ to put on weight

There’s nothing like the extra stress of Christmas and plentiful festive treats to bring out our negative internal dialogue.

“I have zero willpower with Santa chocolate, I’m guaranteed to put on 5kgs over Chrissy.”

If you give yourself ‘permission’ to put on weight over the holiday – guess what? You will!

Instead, make a commitment to eat mindfully, slowly and enjoy every mouthful.

Once you make that commitment, nourishing decisions are easier.

2. Move your body every day

We all know this one…but I’m going to remind you anyway.

Our bodies were designed to move and being sedentary makes our metabolism sluggish.

Why not commit to 15 minutes of movement every day? Maybe it’s zumba, perhaps it’s playing tennis with your cousins or getting those lawns in tip top condition.

The key is to keep it simple – do not overcomplicate it.

Just get your body moving – even a 10-minute stroll does wonders for your body.

You’ll relieve stress, offset holiday weight gain, and get yourself in a terrific routine for 2015.

3. Make your first drink water

Upon arriving at a party, make your first drink water. I know it sounds a wee bit dull because the drinks table can be calling us.

But when you start your evening with a glass of water – you’ll delay getting tipsy and make smarter choices all evening.

I get it – it does sound a wee bit pedestrian!

But it works and your head and body will thank you in the morning when you wake up, hangover-less.

4. Get a good night sleep

Studies show if you get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep a night you’re more likely to experience increased appetite, cravings, and pleasure signals for high-calorie foods.

5. Express your gratitude

Even if you’re going through a tough time – maybe Santa didn’t deliver or perhaps money / time / nerves feel stretched. We all still have oooooodles for which to be grateful.

Gratitude fosters happy endorphins. So every evening, as you’re brushing your teeth, pause and reflect on “What touched my heart today?”

The more specific you can be, the more you’ll benefit from the heightened feeling of appreciation.

The festive season is a time of celebration, love and gifts. Why not use these five tips so that you can give yourself the greatest gift of all – that of health?

Wishing you all happy, healthy holidays!

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’re tired of struggling with eating or exercise habits that keep you overweight and need a hand changing them so you can be the shape and size you want to be, drop me a line. Why not let 2015 be the year you create the body you love?

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