How Clutter Blocks E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G… From Weight Loss to Well Being


She stared at me aghast. “You want me to what?!”

“You know it’s time.’re ready to do it,” I responded.

I’d met Lisa several months ago. Since then, she’d shed 15kgs.

She’d changed some unhelpful habits with hypnosis and, step by step, she was rapidly gaining momentum.

Her home – and the mess housed within it – was her next challenge.

What’s the big deal with clutter?

We’ve all seen those hoarder-type shows on telly.

The most obvious clutter is physical, but it’s also mental and emotional. It’s any extra “stuff” that clogs up your space.

It stops the flow of energy, and can make us feel overwhelmed, stuck or constipated.

So, I encouraged Lisa to go through every item in the house and remove anything she no longer loved.

The rule is simple – if you absolutely love it, keep it. If you don’t love it, let it go.

(When you let it go to the charity shop, you’re giving someone else the chance to love it.)

Some of the excuses that came up for Lisa included:

– But I spent half my bonus on it and I might need it someday!
–  It was a gift from my favourite Gran…I’ve got to keep it, don’t I?
–  Sure, I never use it but it was such a bargain!

 The ‘Fat Me’ Clothes

Her decluttering almost de-railed when she came across her box of Fat Me Clothes.

The box was bursting with elasticised-trousers, stretchy tops and baggy jumpers that she’d taken refuge under when she was heavier.

Because she’d dropped three dress-sizes, she no longer fitted these clothes. And with her increasing confidence, her tastes were changing– she was cherishing tailored styles.

“So, Lisa,” I asked. “For what purpose would you want to keep this box?”

She was embarrassed, but honest.

“Well, if I fail to keep the weight off, I might wish I had kept these clothes.”

Long pause.

“So, you’d be overweight and p*ssed off with yourself…but at least you’ll have those ugly tracky pants?”

She laughed as the penny dropped.

By keeping her fat clothes, she was telling her unconscious mind, “I don’t really believe in my own success.”

When I next saw her, she’d made the trip to the charity shop. She was beaming.

“Saying goodbye to my fat clothes was terrifying, but liberating! It was like announcing to myself, “I AM DOING THIS – I trust myself.””

She’d never backed herself in such a solid way before.

Clearly, there’s more to weight loss than tossing old clothes.

Hoarding and chronic clutter is a symptom of something else. Deep down, we’re saying, “What if I can’t survive without it?”

It’s doubly-hard to lose weight (make money, be happy, whatever your goal is) if you’re sending those kinds of fear-based messages to your unconscious mind.

Now you, gorgeous reader.

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? Is it time you had your own declutter session?

Where to start. Declutter…

– physical items that’ve seen better days
– presents you’ve received but don’t really like
– clean up Facebook news feeds (hide people who are constantly negative)
– give away books you started but never really got into
– Facebook groups that add nothing to your day
– volunteer positions, committees or groups you no longer want to serve
– hobbies you want to give up (no time, outgrown the group, don’t enjoy it anymore)
– specific emotions you want to give up (anger towards an ex, resentment at a friend

Go through item by item, drawer by drawer in the nooks and crannies of your house and mind. Eliminate anything that no longer sparks joy or love in you.

Now, it’s not always going to feel good to declutter. You might feel like you’re giving up something (money, being liked, memories) but you’ll gain a lightness, an energy, a wonderful freedom.

Just like Lisa did.

Pick one drawer to work on today.

Just one.

And let it go.

Uncluttered love, Avril

PS: If you’re tired of struggling with your weight or battling with physical, mental or emotional clutter, hypnotherapy may just be the answer you’re looking for. Why not c’mon over and have a chat….

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