How to Deal With Your Tummy’s Temper Tantrums

When you change your eating habits, your tummy’s going to protest.


Think toddler in a candy store being denied sweets … that kind of protest.

If it’s used to super-sized portions, it’s got some shrinking to do.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed it goes into tantrum-mode when it doesn’t get what it wants.

It aint’ pretty!

So, you need to do what any clever parent does – have a plan.

First, What Not To Do

Do not waste energy getting cross with yourself. You’re making changes. This is a good time to be gentle. But firm.

Do not give in, either. If you give in to your inner toddler’s demands you’re teaching your tummy that you can be manipulated, now, and in the future.

Be firm, and do this…

Get your mantra on

Have a couple of pre-rehearsed mantras at the ready. They’re like a personal pep talk that reminds you, YOU are in control.

They’ll help you focus on your commitment to lose weight. They’ll help you resist the desire to succumb into your comfort zone.

Many clients find “Hunger is my friend,” re-focuses them.

By repeating this mantra you remind yourself that your tummy is shrinking and that feeling a little hunger is normal and appropriate.

“I am enough,” is the world’s best weight loss mantra. It sends a calming message deep into your unconscious mind.

“I’ve finished eating now,” sends a message of completion to your brain. Bonus points if you go and brush your teeth because there’s nothing like minty breath to discourage further nibbling.

The most important thing is to find a mantra that works for you. It’s important that it immediately re-connects you with your determination and courage.

The more you practice your mantra the quicker your tummy tantrums will pass, easily and effortlessly. And once your inner toddler realises it doesn’t get its own way when it acts up, the tantrums will stop completely.

So, when those tantrums kick in, do not abdicate your responsibility as an adult. Instead remind yourself, “Wait! I’m in charge here, not my inner toddler!” and get your mantra on.

Love etc, Avril

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