How To Free Yourself From Food Cravings. Forever.

Did you know that 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail?

By the third week of January, a whopping 80% have crashed and burned.

Clarifying stuff.

So, darling, time to check in with you.

“How’s your 2012 resolution going?”

Are you one of the 8% who’s lost weight and feelin’ great? You are? Hat’s off to you, whoop whoop!

Or, are you among the frustrated majority?

Mentally hiding in the corner with your tail between your legs. Disappointment and despair at your ‘lack of willpower’, roosting in your tummy.

“Failed again,” you tell yourself.

Come away from the corner, sweetheart.

Today’s your lucky day.


…because one of my resolutions was to create a book to help women keep their NY’s promises.

She’s created.

She’s with the midwife, her every comma being scanned, every word proofed.

She’s called Ignite Your Thinner Sparkle: 7 Clever Techniques to Conquer Cravings, Be Confident Around Food + Control Your Weight. To get your hot little hands on your own copy, go here.

She’s lovely.

She is dedicated to every woman who’s tired of the deja vous-ness of weight-related resolutions, year after year.

She is for every woman who knows deep down dieting isn’t the answer. And, while you know exercise is brilliant for the body, soul and endorphins, it’s dawning on you that it’s the mental muscle you need to stretch.

She contains my seven favourite techniques, in step-by-step, do-this, then-that detail.

They’re the ones I’ve found through a tonne of research and, trial and error (from personal experience and working with clients) to be the most beneficial for conquering cravings.

If you’re tired of food being the boss (a nasty one at that), she’s for you.

If you know, (not think or believe), but know – with every fibre of your being – that you’ve had enough and you’re ready to conquer your cravings, once and for all, she’s for you.

She’ll be right here, for you, 10th May.

Love etc, Avril

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