How To Recover From A Weight Loss Plateau…

“I’m feeling blue. I weighed in today and I’ve plateau-ed. I don’t get it. And I’m really worried I’m going to be this weight forever.”

Writes a reader from the UK. I get this exact question (or one of its cousins) regularly.

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So, today’s post is dedicated to every single one of you who’s ever veered into the mass frustration that is the Weight Loss Plateau Land.

Chances are you’ve been there.

I know I have.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you must learn how to handle the plateaus. It’s fundamental. It’s one of the key skills that separates those who achieve their goals from those who don’t. The good news – it’s entirely learnable.

What do YOU do when you find yourself in Plateau Land?

When the number on the scales hasn’t moved do you stomp your foot and moan “What have I done to deserve this? It’s soooooo unfair!!!” as you throw in the towel?

It’s understandable if you do.

That’s what most people do. Most of us get depressed and hate or condemn ourselves. We go into beat-ourselves-up mode. And very soon we’re heading for the biscuit tin.

But you darlin’ – you’re not most people.

Because today you’re going to see how you can go from throwing-in-the-towel tantrums to its polar opposite – using the towel to wipe the sweat off your brow – as you move closer to your weight loss goal.

Next time you plateau – and trust me, if you’re alive and on any journey you WILL plateau – here’s the question you need to ask yourself so you can get back to your happy place and continue the journey towards your goal.

It’s deceptively simple. Do not be deceived.  It has the capacity to change your world and nudge you out of Plateau Land.

What am I focusing on?

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, you know what you focus on expands.

It’s vital you learn to direct your focus so you get more of the stuff you want. Do NOT obsess over stuff you don’t want more of.

Take Jackie and Jill for example. On weigh-in day they both have no movement. Hello Plateau Land.

Jackie focuses on the non-movement of the needle.

“OMG – this is sooooooo unfair!!!!” The non-movement and all that it means to her consumes her every moment. She thinks of nothing else. She believes the nasty thoughts in her head. She feels depressed. She remembers aspects of her past that she can’t change. She recalls all the times she’s de-railed before. “How silly was I to think I could do this?” She sees all the flaws in her life. And herself.

Queue the tears, email the invites for the Woe Is Me Pity Party, and let the excuses unfold. Jackie throws in the towel.

Jill notices the non-movement of the needle.

“Sh*t it!!!” She takes a deep, calming breath and recalls her Small Wins from the week. (Small Wins are any changes – no matter how seemingly insignificant – that if repeated will move you closer to your goal). When she thinks about it, there’s good deal of them. She’s eaten her veges, she’s moved her butt every day, and she’s noticed she’s listening to her body and saying “no” more. Get this – she’s even starting enjoy the process. Who’d have thought? Yay!

She focuses on her future and reminds herself how if she keeps momentum and does the things she’s doing, she’ll be at her goal weight soon enough. She notices how wonderful her life really is – she’s above ground, isn’t she?! The more she focuses on gratitude, the better she feels. And with a smile on her face she realises she doesn’t have to wait until she’s her goal weight to feel good and love herself – she can give herself permission to feel fabulous now!

Queue sense of pride, achievement and momentum. Jill uses the towel to wipe the sweat off her face.

So, same lack of movement on the scales.

One directed her focus. One didn’t.

Completely different outcome.

(I did say it was deceptively simple.)

The question is what are you going to do?

So, dear reader, what do you do when you hit a plateau? What’s the single best bit of advice you’ve used to leverage yourself out of Plateau Land? Share and inspire us in the comments section below.

(Focused) love etc, Avril

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4 Responses to How To Recover From A Weight Loss Plateau…

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Avril, Lord girl!!!! you took the words out of my mouth!!!! Jackie is my twin ha ha ha. I have to learn to control my focus so the lizard brain doesn’t take over and move me back to my comfort zone and old habits. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  2. Avril says:

    Hi Karen, right on you!!! You’ve nailed it! The lizard brain rubs its hands in glee when we don’t direct our focus because we end up by going back to old habits, what we’ve ‘always done’ and we stay safe in our comfort zone. Knowing (and applying) all you know about the lizard and directing your focus and you’re swiftly becoming a Jill!!!! Thanks for popping by, and sharing.
    Love Avril

  3. Josie says:

    I don’t have a suggestion. I don’t feel i have any as I struggle with plateaus. I have a question, hope you don’t mind me asking in the comments. People other than you have told me to watch my focus. It feels like denial. If I havent changed weight how is denying that I have going to help??

    • Avril says:

      Welcome Josie. Great question and thanks for asking. I wonder if a story will make the difference clear.

      Say you’re standing in the middle of the road and a truck is bearing down on you. Denial would be standing there saying ‘there is no truck, there is no truck’ and boom, you’re run over. Whereas directing your focus is acknowledging the truck is headed your way and doing something about it, like moving to the pavement.

      When the needle is stationary, it’s just feedback (not failure). The question is, what am I going to do now which will move me closer to my goal. Thanks for popping by. Love Avril

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