How to STOP Overeating – A Conversation Changer

Stop OvereatingI’d love to be able to say, “I never overeat”.

But that would be a big, fat fib!

Because there are definitely times when I chomp through more food than my body needs.

But – compared to how I used to be – it’s a vast improvement.

There was a time when I’d overeat three meals a day – plus I’d graze, nibble and snack through the day and night – because food was my way of numbing my feelings.

I used to binge when I felt stressed (or chilled), when I felt socially-awkward, happy or sad….and every other emotional state in between.

Like many women, I’d overeat because I felt emotionally uncomfortable. I didn’t like feeling uncomfortable so I’d self-medicate with food. It was terrific at turning down the volume on the feelings, at least momentarily.

Immense pain

In my work with clients I hear immense pain associated with overeating.

“I eat until I hate myself. I am tired of feeling bad after every meal because I have stuffed myself again. It is like I love food too much and I cannot say no.”

The underlying theme is the desire for control. We feel that if we could just “take back control” then “I could lose the weight”.

But I want to let you in on a secret…


You see, diets are all about control. Foods are separated into groups: ‘good’, ‘naughty’ and ‘forbidden’. Points are counted. It’s a world of deprivation and punishment…..arrrrgh!

And, when we’re in a controlling relationship with food, there’s the inevitable flipside, that of being completely out-of-control.

Yoyo-ing between being “in control” and being “out of control” leaves us feeling frustrated and wondering,

“What the h*%# is wrong with me? I know what I should and shouldn’t be eating – why can’t I just do it?!!”

It’s the CONTROL part that is the big obstacle.

Control is an illusion that the diet industry spends millions convincing us is worth our time chasing. But it’s not.

My recommendation – from my own experience and from helping hundreds of women create a peaceful relationship with food – is to change the conversation.

In plain English: Instead of CONTROLLING your body, go for NOURISHING your body.

Nourishing your body means you honour your body’s own natural wisdom.

You listen carefully to how your body reacts to different foods – so that you can choose foods that invigorate you, versus depleting you.

Nourishing our body has a very, very different tone. A different energy. It even looks different.

It looks like…

  • Eating sloooooowly, putting your utensils down between mouthfuls and breathing, you know, actually tasting the flavours!
  • Being mindful while eating, as in, not driving your car, watching telly or updating facebook!
  • Getting enough sleep so your body can function at a high level.

It is only when we nourish our body that we are able to hear our body’s “I’m done eating” signal.

It’s only when we’re nourish our body that we treat our body with care and kindness…and we stop punishing ourselves with overeating.

If you’ve been in a controlling, depriving and painful relationship with your body, learning how to nourish it is a process.

It’s not something that changes overnight. But it can change.

If you’re struggling with overeating and you want things to change, let’s talk.

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’re tired of the control vs out-of-control spiral, and you’re ready to be your happy shape and size – without deprivation or counting calores, why not let’s have a chat. I’m here to help.

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