INTERVIEW: ‘Spa it Girl, Australia’ + Moi Have a Chat

Permission to NOT diet: a celebration of ditching the “Sunday Night Conversation”, putting down the beating-up-stick and learning to nurture our miraculous bodies.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Yvette from Spa It Girl Australia, recently. The challenge was to squeeze as much non-diet weight loss goodness as humanly possible into a 15 minute space – I think we did great. We certainly had a blast.

Click on the picture below to view….

Some of the takeaways were:

  • How a common Sunday night conversation sets women up for weight loss failure (and a joyless week).
  • Letting go of the belief that deprivation is the optimum way to lose weight.
  • A very powerful technique you can use in ‘moments of overwhelm’ to immediately lead your stressed-out-self to a place of Zen.
  • PLUS: a useful nutritional tips that your Nana knew but we’ve forgotten in this fast-paced modern era.

Here’s the interview….Thank you Yvette, Spa It Girl, and thank you readers for watching.

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