No 1 Tip on How to Stay Motivated When You’re REALLY Struggling


Sometimes we experience it, sometimes we don’t.

And when we do “have it”, it doesn’t seem to hang about for very long.

What I am talking about?


Why is finding and keeping motivation such an issue?

The biggest motivational mistake we all make

According to Chris Hammer, a Canadian psychologist, we need to stop using the “elusiveness of motivation” as an excuse to not get things done.


He says we have a tendency to see motivation as this “thing” that “needs to be found”.

And that as soon as we “find it”, everything will be easy.

Don’t we just – I know I do!

Hammer goes on to say, “As long as we don’t “have it”, we’re not pressured to accomplish the thing we want to achieve and we can easily blame our inaction on the fact that we just haven’t “tapped into it yet”.

So we get to stay stuck. . .wheels spinning. . . going nowhere.

But the truth is that it’s NOT impossible to act. . . even if we’re not feeling motivated.

I know I sometimes get so caught up in the idea that I can’t move forward (eat well and exercise) unless I’m “feeling it”.

But this just simply isn’t true.

It might not feel the greatest to take action without possessing this magical thing called motivation… but we’re all completely capable of doing it anyway.

Strugglers look for motivation, winners just do it

So instead of looking for motivation, just take action. It’s a very simple mindset shift, but very powerful.

Action can (and frequently does) precede motivation.


Or as Nike says….


regardless of how you feel.

Stop looking for some (non-existent) magic formula. And just do it!

Love etc, Avril

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