Tall Tales & Chocolate: How Fibs Keep Us Fat


According to a survey by Timex most women fib about what they eat.

No surprises there.

What is surprising though is the frequency of these tall tales.

On average, we women fib about what we eat nine times per day.


According to the survey, the foods most likely to prompt these white lies are chocolate, biscuits, cake, wine, cheese, and bread.

The most common fibs

“It was only a small portion.”
“I only treat myself once in a while.”
“I’m not a big drinker.”
“I eat really healthy most of the time.”
“I won’t eat again today after this.”
“I might as well polish them off now or they’ll go to waste.”

Do you recognise any of them? Maybe you’re fluent with them all, or perhaps you have just one on high repetition?!

How to quit fibbing and be the shape and size you want to be

If you’re familiar with any of the above – celebrate! Sounds crazy, but at least now you’re aware of your fibs, so you can change them. You see, it’s impossible to change something of which you are aware.

The next step is error correction. It’s about replacing the fib with what actually happened. It’s about being accurate and honest with yourself.

For example, if you’re tempted to say you only had three biscuits, when in reality, you had three biscuits … plus all the broken pieces at the bottom of the packet … plus the remains of five biscuits your children left on their plates – then, say that.

Pretending you had only one glass of red last night, when in you actually had one glass plus four “little top ups” is inaccurate.

Same goes for ice cream. One bowl of ice cream and then standing next to the freezer, spoon in hand for 15 minutes, does not equal ‘one bowl’.

It’s pure delusion. And delusion keeps us stuck.

Delusion and denial are very effective FAILURE strategies for weight loss.

I’m not for a second implying there’s anything wrong with drinking more than one glass of your favourite tipple.

Nor is there anything intrinsically wrong with enjoying more than one bowl of ice cream – just be honest, is all.

Because the real kicker is – our bodies keep an accurate measure of what’s truly going on, regardless how many fibs we tell ourselves.

Love etc, Avril

PS: Some women can release their unhelpful delusional habits alone. Some of us need a helping hand which is where Virtual Gastric Banding can help. Why not drop me a line. I’m here to help you start afresh and make peace with food, permanently.

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