The # 1 Most Important Language Tip You Can Use For Losing Weight

We Are What We Eat is a notion we’ve all heard before. It turns out… We are also What We Speak.

Who knew?!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it. I mean c’mon. Words don’t have calories, do they?!

Well, no. They don’t actually contain calories.

That’d just be silly ; )

But – and this is pretty cool – they do have the capacity to shape our bodies. And our lives.

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I’m going to share with you a little-known quirk of the unconscious mind which, although deceptively simple, will make an enormous difference in your world. Promise.

It’s important to understand this curious quirk or you’ll unwittingly use your words against your-good-self.

Now, that really would be silly.

You’ll set yourself up for failure. You’ll overeat. You’ll self-sabotage.

But by learning how to use your words with volition, you’ll be able to forego the drudgery of counting calories and become your happy weight easily and effortlessly.

How great would that be? Awesome.

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” Pearl Strachan

The curious quirk I’m going to share with you today is…

that the unconscious mind cannot process a negative.

I’m guessing you want that in plain English. Here tis.

What that means is that our mind struggles with being told ‘what not to do’. And yet that’s the way in which most of us instruct our minds.

“Don’t be silly….don’t eat that….don’t think about the biscuits in the pantry….”

Our mind much prefers when we tell it ‘what to do.’

Let’s play.

If I say to you, “Don’t think of a pink elephant”.

What happens is you automatically make a picture in your mind of a pink elephant and then think “oops, she said NOT a pink elephant.”

When you give your mind (or anybody else’s) an instruction in the negative it first needs to think of the thing you’re telling it ‘not to think of’, so it can then think ‘aha, so the opposite of that’.

The way to communicate with your unconscious mind (and remember that’s where all lasting change happens) is to always give clear instructions in the positive.

What that means is SAY IT AS YOU WANT IT.

The mantra of many women who are unhappy with their weight is, “I don’t want my fat butt” or “I don’t like my cellulite”.

Now that you know how the mind works, you know that what its hearing is, “I don’t want fat butt” or “I like my cellulite”. Or words to this negative effect.

These ladies would get significantly better results if they changed their language to “I’d like a bottom which looks great in jeans” or “I’d like smooth thighs”.

Now that you know this rule of the unconscious mind you can use it with volition. Use it with your children, husband and anyone in your life so you can get the results you want.

A-ha. I can see your mind ticking over from here, filled with possibilities…

That’s right. This is useful stuff!

Instead of “Don’t slam the door” you’ll increase your chance of getting the result you desire from Miss Eleven if instead you say “Close the door quietly”.

Say it how you want it.

“Drive safely” will get a different result to “Don’t speed”.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your children, your husband or yourself – start stating it as you want.

Use it with volition depending upon the outcome you’re after. e.g. there’s a world of difference between “Please contact me if you have any questions” and “Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions”.

Like I said. Use it will volition depending on the result you want : )

Have you ever wondered why people whose conversations are peppered with “No worries”, “No problem” and ‘Don’t stress” are often the ones with the most worries, problems and stress in their lives?

True or true?!

Wouldn’t you rather have “All good”, “Awesome”, “Delightful”.

I wouldn’t want you to have fun with it ; )

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