The Best Time To Start Anything, Ever. The Insider’s Guide To Time + Losing Weight

Did you set a weight loss resolution a few weeks ago?

Do you feel as if you’ve already let yourself down?

“I’ve sooooo blown it. I may as well give up!!!!!!”

If this is you – give the idea of failure not one more moment of your time. Not a single one. Uh-uh.

Here’s why. It’s really really great news, sweetheart.

Whatever it is you want to do – lose weight, eat well, tone-up – right now is the time to do it.

Whoever you want to be – healthy, lighter, fitter – today is the day to be her.

Whatever it is you want to feel – fabulous, confident, in control – this second is the time to feel it.

Whatever it is that frightens you from taking the step you need to take – fear of making a mistake or looking silly or making the “wrong choice” – today is the day to take a deep breath, hold a torch to the ‘monster under the bed’ and see it for the illusion it that is.

Whatever emotions stop you from moving forwards – inertia, overwhelm, stress –right now is the time to unpack them.

Whatever excuses come up for you – lack of time or lack of money or “I’m too busy looking after other people to take proper care of myself”– right now is the time to drop them (your excuses, not the other people!).

How to do the above.

Stop writing your To Do list.
Stop researching the way forward.
Stop sorting your plan.

You’ve researched, organised, sorted enough. No, really…. you have, darling.

This is that moment.
Right here, right now.
Just begin.

One step, then the next. Now.

Stop thinking. Stop planning. Stop beating yourself up. Start beginning.
Stop postponing. Stop delaying. Stop hiding. Start embracing.

Today is the day.
Now is the moment.
(Tomorrow never ever arrives. Tomorrow is always tomorrow)

Begin again

It all starts now. It always starts now.
Right now is the only moment any of us ever have. R.I.G. H. T N.O.W.
The beautiful thing is that each and every moment is another opportunity for you to begin again.

We all trip, fall, scuff our knees. Allow the scabs to form, put your big girl knickers on and start again.

And again.
And again.

What you did or didn’t do last year, last weekend or this morning – none of that actually matters. It’s gone, done, dusted. Let it go.

All that matters is what is happening now. Right now.

This breath. This thought. This choice. This action. Now.

The Q to get you started again: “Is it now?”

And, in the future, when you’re confused – maybe a bit scared and picking your scabs – wondering to yourself, “Is this the right time to start something?” come back to the moment.

Ask the question, “Is it now?”

If it is ‘now’….just begin.

Go gently.

Love etc, Avril

PS: Our habits are buried deep within our unconscious mind. If you’re struggling to start, or you start but can’t and stay on track, hypnotherapy can help. Stop waiting, start starting….

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