The Crucial ‘Missing Link’ in the Weight Loss Journey

Comfort EatingOften, when we’re on the weight loss journey, we think we’re taking the right actions, but we’re missing something crucial.

Today, I want to give you a real life example.

Lisa came to see me last year.

Since her youngest was born 12 years ago, she’d tried different diets to shift the 15kgs that she’d gained.

She’d start a new diet and pretty soon after, something would happen:

– A cross word with her husband
– Stress around a deadline at work
– Juggling one of life’s many demands.

Whatever the reason, Lisa found that her emotions got the best of her, and she would find herself at the bottom of a family-size bar of chocolate, and toss out her healthy eating intentions, “until next Monday.”

It didn’t seem to matter which diet it was, or how well she had been doing; the result was always the same.

It happened time and time again. And over the last decade, despite trying to lose weight, Lisa had steadily gained it.

What makes it such a struggle?

The non-food side of weight loss

The reason she was struggling was Lisa was unaware of the non-food side of weight loss.

In her case, and for many women, the “missing link” was learning to manage her emotions without food.

We’ve all met people (you may even be married to one!), who say that weight loss is simple: “just eat less” they tell you.

But if it were really that simple, no one would be overweight. The point is, there are lots of triggers that contribute and overwhelm our rational abilities to “just eat less.”

If you want to shift weight permanently you must, must, must deal with the comfort eating, or weight loss will be a continual struggle.

What can you do?

Comfort eating help:  identify the cause

Observe the times when you overeat or snack for comfort. Ask yourself, “What are the triggers?”

Is it stress?
Is it boredom?
Is it a particular situation, .e.g work, weekend, social conditions?
Is it linked to a particular person?

Write down as many specific details as you can think of over the course of a week. Be gentle – this is not about judging yourself, it’s about a new awareness of yourself.

When you have finished, congratulate yourself! Maybe even a high five!

Most people have zero awareness as to why they sabotage their healthy eating intentions. You, on the other hand, have just discovered a big part of what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals.

And with that fresh awareness, you can start to change your story, you can steadily and progressively become the shape and size you want to be.

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’ve identified what’s causing the comfort eating but you need a hand helping you change your habits, hypnotherapy can help. Why not take the first step and drop me a line so you can make peace with food…

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