The Minimalist Guide to New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, ladies.

You know the one…

If you’re like most people, in the back of your mind you’ve already created a list of weight loss resolutions that you hope will miraculously kick into gear come January 1st 2013.

True or true?!

It’s so easy to feel optimistic in November, isn’t it?

After all, 2013 is still eight weeks away – it’s at arm’s length, it feels ‘safe’.

At this time, we confidently tell ourselves, “This year I’ll change. Yes maam, this year I’m going to lose the weight…This. Is. IT. Bay-bee!”

Same old, same old … or time for something different?

Before long, we’ll see the plethora of fitness DVD’s, books, celebrity-endorsed diets hitting the shops, and come January, the gyms will experience their most profitable month of the year.

But, for the significant majority, by the end of January, the unhealthy habits will have returned and we’ll have fallen back into the old routine.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Look, my plan wasn’t to depress you.

If you’ve been reading me for a while now you know I’m all about helping women ignite their thinner sparkle.

And, while some of the traditional New Year weight loss remedies do work temporarily, what’s really needed is something that supports your will-power and motivation, something that deals with the sugar cravings.

If you’re reading this blog, my guess is you’re starting to see that what I offer is quite different from all the quick-fix weight loss approaches out there.


There is nothing mystical about hypnotherapy. It simply changes your attitude towards food. And when your attitude changes, so does your behaviour.

It’s that simple. No more white-knuckling your way to weight loss.

Hypnotherapy helps you break old, unhealthy habits and enables you to take control of your eating, and find long-term weight-loss in a way that diets cannot.

A recent client shares, “It was like flicking a switch in my brain. The old me used to snack all day on sugary foods. It was like I just couldn’t stop. Since hypnosis, food is a ‘big nothing’. It’s given me control.”

If you’re sick of constantly feeling self-conscious of your body or tired of looking in your wardrobe and seeing all the clothes you used to fit, hanging there.

Or, you long for the day when you won’t be wondering whether people are judging you when they look at you, or you feel bogged down, because your weight is holding you back from doing what you really want to do in life – perhaps it’s time you did something different.

And, why wait until the New Year to do it? If you’d like to step off the yearly diet merry-go-round for good, and get to your happy weight, let’s chat.

Don’t waste your Christmas money on a temporary ‘fat buster’. Instead, invest in a permanent solution for a new you.

Love etc, Avril

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