The Wonder Treatment? The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Weight Loss And Your Health

Today’s post is entirely dedicated to a video. Not just any video…it’s a game changer.

In this informative clip, Dr Mike Evans, an advocate of preventative medicine, eloquently (and entertainingly), answers the question:

“What one treatment makes the biggest difference to our health?”

To discover the treatment, and the correct dosage for your good self, check it out. It’s nine minutes well spent.

While you’re at it, why not educate your friends and family? Forward the link. They will thank you for it. And, if they take the treatment, they’ll still be here to thank you in person.

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Now, go take today’s treatment…

…but before you do, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. What does this video mean to you, personally? What are you going to start doing differently as a result of understanding these hard-to-argue-with facts? Go on, be the inspiration – share your thoughts.

Good on you, sweetheart.

And, last of all, thank you Dr Evans for all of his motivational work.

Love etc, Avril

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4 Responses to The Wonder Treatment? The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Weight Loss And Your Health

  1. LISA says:

    Ouch. You did say it’d be 9 mins well spent. “low fitness is the strongest predictor of death”. Enough said. This is exactly what I needed to see today to get me working around the block. Thank you for sharing avril. Getting more active feels easier somehow. you have given me the kick in the butt I needed. If i don’t exerc ise I’ll not be here for my grandchildren. On the other hand if I walk for 30 mins a day I might be here for my great grandchildren! Thank you for sharing.

    • Avril says:

      Hi Lisa. Thank you for sharing. The “strongest predictor of death” bit is a complete butt kick hey! And that’s a good thing. Whatever it takes to get us out the door. The great news (and we all need it after the ‘predictor of death’ bit) is that only 30 minutes of walking per day eradicates SO MANY health issues. What an easy solution! So, can you limit your sitting and sleeping to 23 1/2 hours per day?!
      Good on you Lisa and thanks again for popping by.
      Love Avril

  2. Jennifer says:

    Of course the good ole USA watches a lot of TV. My country makes me so proud. But most people I know do watch that much TV. I have tried to reduce my intake. I will certainly try some more and I will try to move at least that 1/2 hour a day, if not more. I have chronic pain and I’m hoping it will help it. Thanks for sharing – I’ve shared the video on FB.

    • Avril says:

      Hi Jennifer, good on you for sharing. Thank you, and well done.

      You’re right, it’s easy to watch telly – it’s just so well, um…there!!!! It’s especially easy if the people we hang out with do to. You’re probably aware of the statistic around us being the ‘average of the five people’ we hang out with most. I’m not saying you need to change the folk you hang with, but you can still do YOUR thing, and start taking daily exercise (bit by bit) to remove your chronic pain. Who knows, maybe through your actions you’ll inspire them to make their own changes?!

      Although I’m ALL for outdoor exercise (smell those flowers, feel the sun on your face, people), if you really can’t miss that episode – then watch it from your exercise bike or set up a treadmill, for example. Or do yoga in front of the telly. DO SOMETHING! And remember, baby steps are great, just keep making those small changes which every day will accumulate. Good on you Jennifer : )

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