Using The F–Word: The First Step Toward Permanent Weight Loss


“I’ve failed sooo many diets, I don’t even know where to begin!” – is the despair of many women.

No doubt you’re familiar with your own pattern.

Perhaps you catch a glimpse of yourself on Facebook, or maybe it was something someone said.


…you search Google for the latest diet. You start planning your food. Maybe you join a gym.

Your teeth are gritted, your fists clenched, your committed declaration is “this time will be different!”

Anyone who’s uttered these words knows, if these tactics worked… they’d have worked by now.

Yet we keep telling ourselves the same story, repeating the same pattern in the desperate hope that this time we’ll fit our jeans.

Sure, making a plan is good.


…when we haven’t closed the door on the shame and self-loathing we carry in our heads about our past failures, we are doomed to slip back into our old self-sabotage-y habits.

Our shiny new declarations won’t mean a thing.

So, the big question really is …

…what is the first step towards permanent weight loss?

Start afresh.

Clean the slate …  with the F-Word.

With F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N-E-S-S.


Forgive yourself for past diet failures. Stop obsessing about why you didn’t succeed in the past. And …definitely stop telling yourself that something is wrong with you.

There’s an immense power in forgiveness. A release. A newness.

Disappointment, anger, guilt, shame, resentment are destructive. They eat away at us, they weigh heavily on our hips and hearts, and are absolutely incompatible with making peace with food.

All that emotional baggage will predispose your brain to fail.

Because as soon as you stumble, (and you will stumble – it’s part of the journey),  you’ll give up and quit on yourself.

And quitting is the guarantee that you’ll never shift the weight.

How do you give yourself a clean start?

It takes practice. Gently observe your language and start catching yourself when you say, “This’ll never work” or “Why do I even bother?”

These language cues are a heads-up you’re still lugging that suitcase of old emotional “stuff” with you. You’ve fallen into the habit of letting your past create your future.

Turn to a new page. Forgive yourself. (You’re human!)

Start fresh.

Who cares how many times you’ve stumbled previously!

Starting clean and fresh, with a heart full of forgiveness is the first step towards permanent weight loss.

Love etc, Avril

PS: Some people can release their emotional luggage alone. Some people need a helping hand to create a future without the weight of past habits which is where Virtual Gastric Banding can help. Why not drop me a line. I’m here to help you start afresh and make peace with food, permanently.

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