What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?

One day you will get the phone call.

Not the “whoop whoop, you’ve won lotto” call.

The other one.


The one that takes the wind out of your sails.

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Breathless, confused and up-side-down, you find yourself.

Your world lurches sideways and, in the time it takes to right itself, you have a moment of perspicacious clarity.

Today was that day.

Here’s what I saw:

Sometimes sh*tty stuff happens to really good people. It’s not your fault. Accept it.

You are bigger than your pain. Really, you are. Whether it’s heart-ripped-from-your-chest-cavity-emotional stuff or a bloody knee. A scab will form. Promise.


Stop trying to figure it out. There’s nothing to figure out. In the figuring out you’ll just create more confusion. There is nothing to do or fix. Just be.

You’re perfect, whole and complete. Exactly as you are.


Don your for-special-occasions-only white shirt today. Ninety-nine per cent of stains come out in the wash. Sweat, blood and tears…dark chocolate, fake tan too.


Decide already. Decide to play a bigger game. Not because it’s expected of you. Because every fibre of you, wants it, for you. You’re here to sparkle, sweetheart.

Set the intention of feeling peaceful. Even Especially when things don’t turn out as you’d have dreamed.

Make a point of being as encouraging as possible, to everyone possible. Be kind, especially to yourself. And most especially when you’re on a new path.

Focus on what you want. What you focus on expands. Always. Expand the good stuff.

Don’t look back. Sure, peep in the rear view mirror but mostly face forward. Your best self is waiting, patiently.


If you feel like you’re always failing, know this: if you keep on keeping on, you’re a freakin’ rock star, in my book. In anybody’s book.

Do not…

count calories.


eat wreck less amounts of vegetables.


When you’re fumbling for the right words, remember the only sentence you ever really need is, “thank you”. It’s a complete sentence. “I’m sorry” goes a long way too.

Spend at least 15 minutes in nature every day. If you’re accompanied by your woofer or your soul mate, so much the better.


The notion there’s only one perfect person for each of us is an illusion that imprisons us in pain. You decide who your soul mate is. You decide who your soul mate is. You (not fate) chooses. What a liberating thought. Imagine… you could choose anyone.

The path to peace is listening to that small, shaky voice within. It has all the As to your Qs. Learn to ask great Qs and listen.

Every day step up to the edge of your comfort zone. Imagine who’s (or what is) waiting there for you. Never stop learning.


Get some sunshine every day. Give some as well.

Insulate yourself from sinkers. Nuff said.

Give it to charity. If you’re not using it today and you didn’t use it yesterday, you don’t need it. Someone else probably does.

Trust there’s a gift buried in the confusion. Did it really happen to you, or for you?

Go lightly, go bravely and go with love.

Because, yes, life is short…but it can be very, very wide.

So, what specific strategies do YOU lovelies use when the wind is taken out of your sails? What do you do to re-right yourself? Share, inspire, connect.

Love etc, Avril

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4 Responses to What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?

  1. Malcolm says:

    I stumbled on this out of the blue, but it’s really nice =) Thanks.

  2. Charlene says:

    This made me cry…. happy tears :)

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