Where Health + Confidence Collide. Or, The Truth About Personal Fitness

Has this ever happened to you?

You got motivated.


You were on fire to lose weight.

You were going to drop the extra kilos, get yourself a sexy silhouette.

Maybe you’d joined the gym, colour-coded your meal plans – you were feeling super-duper focused.

And, for a couple of days – or even weeks – you’re doing it. Wooooot woooooot!

But then…

….. life happened.

Perhaps, there was some drama that made you believe you needed to just hit the “pause” button on your health plans.

Then, while you were on hold, something else happened. And that needed your attention too.

And then, slowly one thing led to another and you forgot to remember your promise to yourself. Your progress ground to a halt.

And then, we know what happens don’t we, ladies?

Yup, the self-hatin’ starts. Our self-talk becomes a scream of negativity.

“You did it again – F for fail.”

“What a loser.”

“Who are you to think you could be slim, fit, strong, healthy?”

Instead of feeling full of health, fitness and confidence – all you feel is p*ssed off.

The good news is there is something you can do about it. Here’s what…

I believe that health and personal fitness is the foundation of doing anything in this world.

Being healthy and fit has the ability to create a confidence that ripples across your entire world.

For example, when you show yourself that you can run 5kms when you didn’t think you could walk around the block or you run a marathon when you thought 10km would max you out, you start to build confidence in yourself.

And that confidence compounds and turns up in other areas of your life.

If you show yourself you can lose 25kgs (or let’s start with 5kg), who’s to say you can’t double sales in your business next year or find your life partner?

Suddenly new things become possible.

The ‘impossible’ starts to become your new normal.

All we need to do is start conditioning ourselves to do the little things that we didn’t think we could.

It’s best to start small – real small. Perhaps a single step or one meal at a time. It really can be that easy. Do not overcomplicate this.

As you’re making these small daily repeatable steps, the thing to remember is this:

No. 1 rule – you must only control what YOU can control

Much of our life is outside of our control. You can’t control the weather, a recession, being made redundant, your children, your husband …..

Trying to control any of these would be like attempting to staple jelly to a tree – impossible and very frustrating.

Your health however is NOT in this category.

Your health is directly within your reach.

For example, no one can tell you that you can’t eat a huge green salad for lunch.

No one can keep you from walking around the block as a way to start your day.

No one can prevent you from pushing your own physical limits to see what your gorgeous body is really capable of.

That’s the most beautiful thing about it. Your health and how you treat your body is 100% in your control. Good or good?!

But so many people give that power away.

We find excuse after excuse.

“I’m too busy looking after the kids.”

“I like sweets waaaay too much to lose weight.”

“I don’t have the time to focus on myself and take exercise.”

I mean, “COME ON people!!!”

The clock is ticking….you’ve only got one body….when are you going to make your health and fitness a priority?


Take action.

Fitness. Changes. Everything.

Love etc, Avril

PS: We all know what to do to get fit and healthy. The real challenge is so few of us build habits which lead to long term results. If your habits are keeping you at your unhappy weight and you’re really, really ready to get yourself a sexy silhouette, perhaps hypnotherapy is the answer. Drop me a line here – let it be easy.

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