Will This Year Be Different? How To Nail Your Weight Loss Resolution In 2013

Happy 2013 peeps!

Let’s say you’re looking to lose some weight this year.

It’s a safe bet because according to CNN, losing weight is the #1 New Year’s resolution.

The internet is abuzz with good folk hoping, wishing, and praying that 2013 will be the year they manage to ‘lose it for good’.

Sadly, for many of these good folk, come February there’ll be that familiar feeling of frustration and a little voice saying, “see F for Fail…I told you so!!!!”

That’s because New Year’s Resolutions – as they’re usually implemented – just don’t work.

Typically, when we think about shedding that little bit extra, we think of eating better and exercising, right?

But focusing only nutrition and exercise is NOT enough.

(If it was, you’d be your happy weight by now because you’re a smart woman).

If you want to transform your body once and for all, and live in a body you love, this year can be different.

But you must, must, MUST get to the core of what’s keeping you stuck.

If you’ve struggled with losing weight previously, you must first understand that it’s your head that is preventing you from losing weight.

Only your mind stands between you and the body you covet.

It’s all in the mind

OK, so not all of it, but a significant portion of it is.

You see, your mind has the potential to make you slim, fit and healthy – but it can also do a fabulous job of sabotaging your efforts.

Even though you know consciously what you need to do to lose weight – some version of the Eat Less, Exercise More equation – it’s our unconscious mind that is running the show. Our unconscious mind is incredibly powerful.

Which of these resonate with you?

Seven signs your mind is keeping you overweight.

1. You know how to live a healthy lifestyle…. but, well….um…. you don’t do it.

2. Your actions towards a healthier lifestyle are inconsistent, or at least inconsistent for any extended length of time.

3. You have a tug of war raging within you between the part of you that wants to lose weight and the part of you that doesn’t. The ‘doesn’t’ part wins out every time as you overeat and avoid exercise.

4. It seems impossible that you could ever have a ‘normal’ relationship with food, your weight or the scales.

5. You keep doing the same unhealthy actions over and over again, but tell yourself that, “someday things will change” or “tomorrow will be different”.

6. You deny yourself professional help because you think “I should be able to figure it out on my own”, even though you know that if you could’ve, you would’ve by now.

7. You consistently search out information online and buy books / magazines on diet and exercise – but you don’t read or action the information.

The bottom line is this….

…if you are unhappy with your weight, and you’re still not taking the actions required to get the results you seek then there’s something going on in your unconscious mind which is keeping you stuck.

Hypnosis can change all of that. Drop me a line – let’s start a conversation. I’m here to help you live in a body you love this year.

Why not make this the year you do something different and get the outcome you’re after?

How great would you feel losing that extra weight, feeling strong, confident and safe in your body, and finally letting go of that old baggage that goes with it?

Let it be easy.

New year love etc, Avril

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