YOUR Time To Shine: How To Quit Playing Small And Really Shine In 2012

There are frightening moments in any chica’s life.

In my experience there is nothing as intense as that instant when you get a glimpse of what is really possible.

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Like a slap on the face, you realise how microscopically small you’ve been thinking.

With cut-glass clarity you see that you can play a much much bigger game. . . around your health, your relationships, your career…YOU.

It’s liberating. . . and scary as helicopter.

Questions bubble to the surface, “Can I really do this?”, “Can I let myself do that?” and, even better, “Oooh wow, imagine if I did?”

In other words…

“It’s time, honey. I’m ready to let go of these old limitations. Time to step up. Time to quit worrying about the opinions of others. Time for me to live my life in the hot bod I know deep down I deserve.”

This moment of discovery will leave you breathless.

It’s a game changer. It is wonderful.

It’s when we choose to go hard or go home.

As the last blog post for 2011, I invite you to take some time right now to re-ignite, re-inspire, and re-invigorate your dreams for yourself, your health and your life.

Here’s four tips to encourage you re-ignite your thinner sparkle so you can reeeally shine in 2012.

1. Watch Your Mind

Your thoughts are things. They can be powerful tools, or devastating weapons.

A mentor of mine often jokes with clients who claim they’ve no control of their thoughts. He says, “If you’re not the one in charge of your thoughts, let me know who is so I can have a chat with them”.

True or true?!

Those things in your head are your thoughts. Take responsibility for them.

Support yourself by listening to inspiring audiobooks on your iPod or in your car. Post affirmations on the fridge, in your wallet, on the pantry door….anywhere you’ll see them throughout the day. Start a gratitude journal.

Remind yourself…. what you focus on expands. So, place your attention on appreciation, joy and love. Or, whatever it is, of which you want more.

Be persistent. Get relentless. Negative thoughts are a luxury you can’t afford if you want to shine.

2. Make It Happen

Sometime ago, when I was trying to get confident enough to learn to sail, I chickened out three different times, visiting sailing clubs and leaving without actually sailing.

I was waiting for confidence to magically appear.

It never appeared.

But finally, with butterflies in my tummy, I hopped on board a boat and sailed anyway.

What I discovered was this…confidence shows up BECAUSE you take action. Not before.

What one action-step can you take toward your dream today?

3. What Are You Radiating?

Do you complain about how hard life is? Do whinge about how stuff you can’t control? Or sillier still, do you grumble about stuff you can control (instead of doing the thing Do you see yourself as someone who can’t create change so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Playing a bigger game means you radiate inner sparkle.

Stop posting on Twitter about how sh*t everything is. Quit dwelling on how bad things are and creating crappy drama in your life. Refrain from whinging to your friends about how hard it is to lose weight. (Save that stuff for your coach if you need to get it out of your system.)

Remember this… like attracts like. When you radiate inner sparkle, inner sparkle is drawn to you.

4. Stretch Your Comfort Zone. Every Day

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

This is one of my favourite expressions. Because it’s true.

I’ve worked with a bunch of wonderful women as a mentor and coach. The ones who send me emails about how their lives have changed are always the ones who are willing to stretch their comfort zones.

They try new things.

They allow themselves to get scared.

They say “yes” to new opportunities rather than staying on auto-pilot.

People who re-ignite their inner sparkle have one thing in common…. they learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

So, there you go gorgeous girl, your four tips for igniting your thinner sparkle for 2012.

Try ’em on for size.

As this is the final post for this year, I’d like to wish you all a bunch of play, joy and love over the celebration season.

And finally, I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading every week and sharing your inspiring journeys. You guys totally rock.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and here’s to playing an even bigger game in 2012.

Love etc, Avril

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