You can choose to sit and worry about the worst that could happen, or you can start making progress now, and choose to have faith that everything will work out.

You can cancel the plans you made while you were on that emotional high, or you can go through with your ambitious plans anyway.

You can choose to continue down the path everyone else follows, or you can choose to start living with intention, right now.

You can choose not to contact that person because you could be rejected, or you can reach out because you might be accepted.

You can choose scarcity or choose abundance.

You can choose fear or choose bravery.

You can choose to play their game, responding to negativity with more negativity, or you can turn their energy into a source of creativity and opportunity.

You can ignore your inner genius because it doesn’t fit within someone else’s worldview, or you can embrace who you were meant to be and give all you have to the world.

You can choose to blame others or to take responsibility.

The energy it takes to make either of these choices is the same.

You always have a choice.

Which choice will you make, right now?”

The words you’ve just read are from Corbett Barr. He’s an inspirational chap who provides encouragement and know-how for adventurous entrepreneurs. I encourage you to choose to check him out.

Share with us in the comments the different choices you’re going to make, starting now. Choose to be brave and true to your path, sparkly one ; )

And most of all…

…choose love, Avril


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