Have you ever wondered what makes some people super duper successful and others…well, not so much?

We all know stories of uber successful folks who have come from zip: zero education, unfortunate family circumstances, no money … and have made it BIG, bay bee.

And we also know others who are smart, capable and talented, but who never quite…well…..um… seem to fulfill their potential. They’re always struggling to get it together.

I’ve given this a lot of thought lately, and I think it comes down to this….there are two kinds of people in the world.

And no… it’s not cat people versus dog people…….

Seriously now.

The two kinds of people: those who have reasons and those who have results.

The folks who have ‘reasons’ have countless excuses (in which they are breathtakingly fluent) about why they don’t have happiness and success in life in general, and weight loss, specifically.

– I can’t lose weight because I’m too busy with work and the kids.
– I can’t make a lot of money because self-promotion “just isn’t me.”
– I can’t have a great relationship because all the good guys are already taken.

You probably have someone like this in your life.

Talented. Well-intentioned.  And a total non-action taker!

She’s got a truck load of excuses for Ev Re Blar D Thing. Hang around her for more than 20 minutes and she makes you want to shake her.

Contrast Miss Reasons Galore with someone else you know who gets results.

Notice Miss Successful doesn’t let any ‘reason’ (aka excuse) get in the way of producing what she wants.

Sure Miss Successful has challenges like everyone else, but somehow, she finds a way to overcome them and keep truckin’ ahead.

Instead of making excuses, she gets to work, takes action, solves problems and simply makes things happen.

Yee haaah!

Now here’s where this gets interesting…

This is not some pre-determined trait. In any given moment, you get to CHOOSE which kind of person you want to be. You can choose to be a person who has a stack of “reasons” why you’re not where you should be in your life, your career, your relationship and your weight loss . . .

Or … you can choose to drop all those bull sh*t reasons and be the kind of person who’s known for getting RESULTS.

Yes. It’s really that simple. So what will you choose?

Here’s a couple of Qs to help you see where you’re playing the ‘reasons’ card without your conscious consent.

Have a good look at yourself and your life. Be as honest as you can. How do you play the “reasons” white card and shirk responsibility in your life?

Dig deep to find specific examples for the questions.

– Do you revert back to a child around your parents, and then blame them? How  specifically?

– Do you wait until the kids are driving you crazy before you commence discipline…then blame the children for your frustration … or your partner for their lack of parenting?

– Do you hesitate to tell your partner what you want emotionally, sexually or generally within the relationship and then blame them for your discontent?

– Do you regularly complain about things? If so, what exactly?

– How do you blame others for your unhappiness? In what ways?

– Do you find yourself being judgemental of others or yourself? In what situations?

– Do you hide your true feelings in case they upset someone else? (I’m not suggesting that we need to express ALL of our feelings ALL of the time – and certainty not without regard for others. I am suggesting that when we hide our feelings out of fear of consequence, we are living a victim’s existence).

– Are you living your life as you genuinely want to live it?

How was that darling? A bit ouchy? It’s OK. You’re right where you need to be.

Rest assured that you can ONLY become empowered when you are aware of the ways in which your own voice of of ‘reason’ is limiting you. We find our little victim ‘reasons’ voice in a multitude of hiding places, hidden behind resentment, frustration, or the quiet peacekeeper…until it explodes!

Give yourself the gift of NOT focusing on your reasons or drama or victimhood again.

As we become more aware of how we play the ‘reason’ card, we become instantly empowered to create something different.

When the going is good anyone can get results. It’s only when we’re personally challenged that we’re put to the test. I like to believe that when the sh*t hits, it’s nature’s way of saying that we’re ready for this and let the steel and resolve kick in &*%^&#$%!!!!

Know this. Everyone has bad weeks. Everyone. It’s what you do with them that matters.

Will you choose reasons or results?

Love and results (and the occasional ‘reason’), Avril

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