Exercise… and I say this sadly because I too have my lazy moments …. is a strictly Do-It-Yourself business.

If the idea of running, lifting weights or heaving against the row machine just isn’t your thing, you’re in good company.

A lot of good folk just aren’t that into exercise.

And that’s OK.

Because here’s some wonderful news…

According to recent research you can STILL find your thinner sparkle, lose weight and look absolutely fabulous – WITHOUT strenuous exercise.

Researcher, Dr James Hill has discovered that the average daily number of steps taken by women is about 5,000 steps.

Intriguingly, his study shows that overweight women take 2,000 fewer steps per day than their happy-weight sisters.

Think about that for a moment.

Only 2,000 steps separates those who are overweight from their happy-weight counterparts.

Like to know the distance of 2,000 steps? Four. City. Blocks.

Four city blocks stand between you and your happy weight.


Just so we’re clear.

Hill isn’t talking about extreme exercise here. He’s not talking about pavement-pounding, iron-pumping or sweat-inducing exercise….he’s talking about walking.

Good ole-fashioned, move-your-butt, one-foot-in-front-of-the- other: WALKING.

Last week, you learned just how easy it is to disturb your body’s innate balance through overeating.

Well, today you’re seeing how you can restore that balance, through lacing-up and stepping-out.

Simple steps.

Four city blocks. I mean, come ooooon!!!

So…. go get yourself a pedometer (step counter) from a sports shop (they’re about $10). From the moment you wake up, attach it to your belt and find out how many steps you currently take in a typical day.

Aim to increase the number of steps by 2,000 a week until you hit a comfortably, maintainable target. Hill’s study suggests 10,000 steps per day is a good ball park figure.

The beauty of walking is its accessibility. I’m guessing there’s a pavement (‘sidewalk’ for my Americans readers) outside your house?

Yup? Go get your-good-self acquainted with it.

Walking’s safe, simple and you’ll soon get good at it. You can fit walking around your lifestyle. Anytime, anywhere.

No excuses.

You don’t need a gym membership. No specialist Lycra kit required.

Listen up: my purpose isn’t to discourage you from gym-ing it. If you adore your spin classes or you love lifting iron…hats off to you chica, keep it up.

This missive is for the non-exercisers amongst you. You know who you are….

I realise there are exercise experts out there who argue that “you must exercise with continuous motion for one-hour to get fitness results”.

And maybe that’s true. If you’re training for a marathon.

All I know is that whether it comes to food, exercise of almost anything else, I’ve had to find my own rhythms and honour them.

I’ve learned if I tell myself, “I MUST achieve my 10,000 steps in one workout,” I’ll find all sorts of inventive ways to avoid getting out the door. I’ll overwhelm myself. And do nothing.

But I’ve discovered that if I take a bunch of 15-minute walks throughout the day, it feels good. And by nightfall, I’ve achieved my 10,000 steps.

Job’s a good ‘un.

I’ve also learned to keep it simple. In my book, even one five-minute walk is vastly better than no walk at all.

Well, isn’t it?

So no, you don’t need to start a formal exercise program … (unless you want to feel more confident, be less moody and feel better in yourself)….but you DO need to move your body.

Do it whenever you get the chance. Yes, that too will burn calories ; )

Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk your dog. Park your car a block from your office and walk the difference. Disembark the train a stop early and take a stroll. Leave the car in the garage and walk the school run.




Have fun. You only have one body. It was designed to move. Enjoy it.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear YOUR best tips for getting your steps up and keeping yourself motivated around exercise.

As always, a huge thank you for your time and for reading. If you found this information useful, please share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

One foot after the other. Step it out, lay dees : )

Love etc, Avril


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