There’s a bunch of people out there who knock affirmations and claim, “they just don’t work”. Maybe you’re one of ‘em.

Once upon a time, I used to be real cynical of affirmations too.

Course, affirmations DO work. Because anything you say (or think) on a consistent basis will become your truth.

For example, the person who goes through life saying, “Nah, it’s impossible for me to lose weight” will find plenty of evidence to support their affirmation.

They’ll get to prove themselves right and remain overweight.

And, conversely, if you play the opposite record, you’ll prove yourself right too.

Anything you tell yourself on a consistent basis, especially with emotional intensity (think visualisation), will create change.

The truth is, we’re ALWAYS making affirmations in our unconscious mind.

If you’re not happy with your current weight it’s very likely your affirmations are negative, as in, you’re visualising yourself overweight.

So the affirmations are working – you’re simply giving your unconscious mind correct instructions for weight gain, not weight loss.

My favourite weight loss affirmation

I like to keep things simple.

My favourite affirmation for weight loss (and life in general), is especially simple.

One word: “enough”.

E. N. O. U. G. H.

Or, for those of you who like the long version: “I am enough”.

Saying it before you eat is particularly powerful as it curbs your appetite and lessens your desire to overeat.

Say it at the end of the meal as well to confirm that you don’t need anymore, because “you are enough.”

Say it in your head when you are with company but say it out loud when you are alone whenever you can.

You Are Enough, darling.

You’re probably wondering how such an affirmation can really work, since when you tell yourself, “I’m enough” and you come up with a list of objections:

“I’m not really enough…see, I have pebble-dashed thighs, a wobbly tummy and I can’t wear a bikini.”

It’s about now, you’ll remember from a previous post that it’s YOU who’s coming up with the objections and it’s YOU who has the power to silence them.

You’ve already learned how you can talk back to your inner critic. You might wish to counter the well-intentioned objections like this:

“Roger that, yes, I do have cellulite, and I am still enough and I will wear a bikini even sooner because I accept that I am enough.”

Trouble Shooting The Lizard Brain

It is natural to come up with objections to the “I am enough” affirmations. That is simply the lizard brain (voice of fear) trying to discourage you, so you go back to the safety of your comfort zone, where you were overweight and unhappy, but safe.

What you need to do is look at the objections and shoot them down with something better.

If you’re determined and keep on with the affirmations eventually you will run out of objections. Your reptile brain will have realised it’s not so scary after all. The sabre-tooth tiger hasn’t got you and your comfort zone will have expanded.

Simply shoot down your objections so often and with such conviction it becomes your truth. Rinse and repeat.

And with that, your mind is agreeing with you and you are finally making real progress. Repeat as often as required.

YOU ARE ENOUGH, sweetheart.

More-than-enough love etc, Avril


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