… is the do-this-then-that guide you’ve been asking (and, patiently waiting) for – to really bust your cravings, once and for all.

IGNITE YOUR THINNER SPARKLE is full of love and wisdom.

And, my seven favourite kick-your-cravings-in-the-pants techniques, all in hand-holding detail.

I wrote this guide to be encouraging. Really encouraging. Like cheer-you-on with flouncy pom poms and a choreographed routine, encouraging.

It’s for every one of you who’s tired of food being the boss of you.

It’s for you, if you’re tired of making weight-related resolutions, year after year…after year.

If you’re fed-up counting calories and you dread weigh-ins, this guide offers something a bit, whoops, I mean, a lot different.

No, food and exercise aren’t mentioned.

Not because they aren’t important (duh – clearly, they are). But you’re smart – you already know the Eat Less, Move More formula.

Your challenge is in applying the formula in your day-to-day. As in, doing what you already know.

As in, sure, you know dark chocolate is jam-packed with antioxidants, but how do you stop yourself from inhaling the entire block? Every day.

Perhaps, it’s a specific food that derails you.

Maybe, it’s overeating in general.

Either way, IGNITE YOUR THINNER SPARKLE has your back.

If you know you’ve had enough of being bossed around, and you’re ready to conquer your cravings, once and for all, she’s for you.

Get your sparkle on, right here.

Love etc, Avril x


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