Now that my book is out (you can get your very own copy here), it occurs to me that writing a book and losing weight have surprising similarities.

1. Itsy-bitsy steps, over time, add up

There were many times I felt intimidated by the idea of writing a book. Initially, every time I sat down to write, I’d feel overwhelmed by how much I had to do.

Up I’d get, and go do something else. Anything else but write.

Finally, I scribbled this note on a post-it note on my screen, “Darling, just one page per day and you’ll have a 365-page book.”

What a perspective shifter.

Suddenly, the overwhelm vanished and I felt more in control. I no longer had to write a book. I just needed to write a few words. Every day.

That’s it.

That’s all.

That’s enough.

You’ll see many parallels with weight loss. If you set a goal to lose, say, 50kgs, you’ll overwhelm yourself all the way back to the baked goods section or confectionary aisle.

But, if you set sub-goals of losing a few kilos at a time, you make it much easier.

Watch as those itsy-bitsy steps – over time – add up to significant weight loss.

2. Writer’s block + the weight loss plateaus

I started the writing bubbling with anticipation. Chapters 1 through 3 flowed easily. “Writing’s a doddle,” I thought to myself. Prematurely, it turns out.

Because midway into Chapter 4, and wham-o. “Hello, writer’s block”. I had to dredge for every syllable, every full stop.

I nearly gave up. I collapsed in a “Anyone else can do this, but NOT ME” pile of self-pity.

After I’d simmered down, I recalled what I teach clients when dealing with plateaus and took some of my own medicine.

Whenever you climb a flight of stairs, there’s a landing. On the landing you level out for a bit, then, off you go again, up another flight to the next landing.

Everyone plateaus – E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E (this includes you). Accept them as part of the process.

3. Embrace the process

Initially I was fixated on releasing the book for the 1st of March. This meant a busy January, rushed February and hectic March: writing, formatting, editing, proofing.

In retrospect, I don’t know what the hurry was. Why the deadline?

The biggest irony is that when a client comes to me wanting to lose a specific amount by a specific deadline, I’ll say, “Sorry, honey, I can’t help you”.


Because, these deadlines only set you up for weight loss failure.

I encourage clients to focus on health and wellbeing and embrace the process. By doing this they become someone who manages their weight easily.

It requires a shift in perspective – from the short to the long term. With a long term perspective, it’ll be the last time you ever need to lose weight.

A deadline ruins everything. It keeps you focused on the short term, which is why we become susceptible to ‘miracle’ diets and quick fixes, instead of making a change – for life.

Similarly, because of my deadline, I felt frazzled. But when I forgot about the end result and embraced the process, I really started to enjoy the journey.

4. Some things take time.

From the time I finished writing, until the book was available online, felt like an eternity.

When you’re losing weight it’s universal to feel like the weight isn’t coming off fast enough.

In the midst of these doubts your mind plays tricks on you, you might consider giving up or trying something completely different.

Everyone goes through this.

The best way to deal with it is to be patient. Relentlessly patient.

Some things just take time. Losing weight is definitely one of those things.

And, that needs to be OK.

Love etc, Avril

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