Hey sweetheart. Repeat after me….

“There is plenty of food.”
“There is plenty of food.”
“There is ooooodles of food.”

So …. all we have to do now is remember this when we sit down at the table.

When you do remember this truth, you’ll eat as much as you need to satisfy physical hunger. Hooray.

When we forget this truth, our lizard brain runs riot, making us feel anxious and scarcity-minded. We’ve all been there, right? And then we eat to anaesthetise the anxiety. Which is the perfect definition of emotional hunger.

(We already know there’s no biscuit tin deep enough to satisfy emotional hunger, right?!)

So, remember this ….


There is plenty of food – oodles of it!

There is enough.

You are enough….more than enough.

Remind yourself of this truth before, during and after each and every meal, and notice how your silhouette shrinks to become the one you want.

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you have a feeling that you need a hand curbing your emotional eating or reigning in your lizard brain, hypnotherapy can help. Together, let’s get you to the shape and size you choose to be. C’mon over – let’s chat


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