My heart breaks when I meet a woman on a diet.

She’s usually stressed out of her mind and fed-up with the deprivation.

There’s the look of pain in her eyes. She’s stuck in a mental cage counting calories.

The happy news is that there is a smarter, kinder, gentler way lose weight. One that does not involve gritted teeth or deprivation.

But, first things first….

What’s the toughest way to lose weight?

It probably isn’t what you think.

It begins with ‘W’.

Give up?

WILL POWER. Relying on will power is a sure fire way to fail. You’ve probably tried it a bunch of times already, right?

We fool ourselves by thinking, “If I could just tap into deeper reserves of will power, I could resist that chocolate biscuit.”

But, will power fails us on diets because of this quirky fact


What are you doing? I told you not to read this (it’s even in pink!!!).

But, because you’re human, your curiosity is aroused when you aren’t supposed to do something. It’s a natural response, and a major reason why diets fail. As soon as you’re told you can’t have something, it immediately becomes more tempting. And your will power evaporates!!!

True or true!!!! So all those ‘forbidden foods‘ become very attractive, leading to diet failure.

So, what’s the easiest way to lose weight?

The easiest way to lose weight is to harness your unconscious mind. You see, we all have two minds: the conscious and the unconscious.

Your conscious mind houses your will power. It’s about 10% of your mind. It’s the part of you that knows intellectually that you shouldn’t eat that fifth chocolate biscuit.

Your unconscious mind is the powerhouse – it’s the other 90%. It’s in charge of breathing, healing, and it controls all of your eating habits….. including whether you eat that fifth biscuit.

The numbers speak volumes don’t they. At 9o% versus 10% you can see how it’s your unconscious mind that’s in control.

Here’s a cool example…

Try not to understand the following

Yuor mnid is aimazngly perofwul! Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.

What??? You still understood? See, how incredible your unconscious mind is? It’s an absolute powerhouse!

As you read those words, you didn’t need to think about how to read. No need to analyse it. You just did it. It was easy, natural, and a wee bit weird – almost magic!

When you re-program your unconscious mind, you can have weight loss without the white-knuckling and gritted teeth and pain

Rather than fighting cravings, emotional eating and bad habits you can re-program in new cravings and habits that will make you the shape and size you want to be.

Remember: chagne is esay wehn you konw how.

To your friends, it’ll look like you’ve got “phenomenal will power” but you’ll know better – you’ve simply harnessed the power of your unconscious mind.

Unconscious love etc, Avril

PS: If  dieting or ‘finding’ will power has failed for you in the past, why not chose a smarter, kinder, gentler option to become the shape and size YOU want to be? C’mon over, let’s get you going…


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