Sounds crazy, but we all have a voice in our head.

“What the………??? I do………………???”

Yup. That voice!

If you’re like most women, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to losing weight – all because of the nasty things we barrage ourselves with every day.

Recently, a client shared how her voice started criticising her from the moment her feet touched the floor in the morning.

It had all sorts of accusations.

“Geez, you lazy cow, you slept terribly, now you’re really behind the eight-ball, you’re so blinking unorganised, you’re just a fat, disorganised disgrace, you’re terrible mum and one day the how world will know…..”

On and on it went.


How exhausting.

Food as self-medication

Unsurprisingly, the only time she found peace and quiet from that voice was when she was
1. asleep
2. eating
3. after her third glass of wine.

With that barrage of self-loathing – in her own head – is it any wonder she regularly self-medicated with ‘comfort food’ to anaesthetise herself from that mean inner voice?!

And she’s not alone.

Many clients come to me with a fierce battle of mean thoughts, self-loathing words, and emotional stuff from their past which keeps them stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage.

Well-intentioned negative talk

Turning your self-talk around is absolutely essential if you want to shift the extra weight and have a more joyful existence.

How on earth can you become the shape and size you want to be, when part of you is working against you? You can’t.

Perversely, this negative self-talk is well intentioned. We think that if “I berate myself enough, I can ‘force’ myself to shift this weight”.

But it’s impossible to hate yourself slim. How can you become the shape and size you want to be if your internal world is angry and self-destructive?

We’ve already seen how thoughts, although calorie-less, have the power to make us fat here and here.

Shifting negative and nagging self-talk to a more positive chatter, is an absolute must. Here’s a step by step plan of what to do when your inner critic gets on her soap box.

Love etc, Avril

PS: The bottom line is this…If you’re unhappy with your weight – and you’re not getting the results you seek – there’s a good chance your self-talk is sabotaging you. If you’re ready for some kinder self-talk, why not c’mon over and have a chat…..


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