Have you noticed how we’ve gotten really weird with food?

Like really weird.

We’ve got all label-ly.

We’ve got our “I’m being super good today foods.”

And we’ve got a drawer bursting with “Oh, b*gger it, I’ll start my diet on Monday, so I’ll be naughty today treats!”

Media and advertising encourages this labelling. Some brands of chocolate are “sinfully” good. Certain desserts are “devilishly” delicious.

Foods aren’t intrinsically good. Or  bad. Food’s just food.

But we’ve gotten all judgemental and labellist.

I once had a client tell me that salt and vinegar chips were “the work of the devil”. She wasn’t joking.

Can you even remember the time when food was…um, well – just food?

If you’re tired of our collective weirdness around food you’re going to love Step 4.

It is this…

Step 4: No food is off limits.


You read that right.

I can hear the group sigh of relief from here. Women tired of the “good food versus bad food” debate.

You see, this is not another diet – there are no good or bad foods.

Eat what you want. Yep, that’s what I said…

Eat. What. You. Want.

(Just to be clear, this is a very different thing from eating all that you can – see Step 3)

Why does ‘de-labelling’ work?

Eating what you want works as a long term strategy for weight loss because you’re human.

We both know that if I gave you a list of ‘no go’ foods, the inner rebel – that lives deep inside all of us – would crave the exact food that’s banned.

It’s like the repressed becomes the obsessed. Suddenly, all you want is that precise food that’s been labelled as ‘no go’.

But, when you allow yourself to eat what your body wants, the previously ‘naughty’ items lose their appeal.

You’re a smart women. You understand an apple is inherently more nourishing for your body than a Snickers bar. But sometimes the exact thing your soul needs is a Snickers….amen sista!

So have the Snickers – it’s not a diet! What I do want you to do this: eat said Snickers sloooooowly, be mindful, enjoy every single mouthful, and when you’re satisfied, stop.

So, to recap Step 4 in the path towards permanent weight loss – no food is off limits. Just apply the other three steps when eating said “devilishly” delicious dessert!

Here’s to allowing food to be “just food” again.

And you being the shape and size YOU want to be. Permanently, step by step by step.

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’re not getting the results you seek – there’s a good chance the label-maker in your head is sabotaging you. If you’re ready for the freedom of ditching the label-maker, why not c’mon over and have a chat…..

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