So you have a goal.

You want to lose some weight. Maybe drop a dress size. Perhaps even wear a sleeve-less top without feeling self-conscious.

Maybe you want to be a more positive role model for your little girl.

Or, come off the meds.

Permanently. Forever. Once and for all.

So you work on it.

You stop doing certain things and you start doing some new things.

Add some time, some consistency and some repetition.

And voila!

You are moving towards your goal.

It works – yahoooooooooooooooo!

You’re changing, coming out of hiding, your new habits are beginning to feel ‘normal’.

You’re loving how your clothes feel (you’re going to have to start asking for it in a smaller size!)


… stop doing what works.


Maybe you feel pressured with all the “wow, you look amazing” comments.
Maybe you feel vulnerable outside your comfort zone.
Maybe you feel discouraged at the lack of comments from others. (You’ve dropped three dress sizes and no-one’s said a thing!!!!)
And the biggie: Maybe you thought it’d “happen overnight”.

So now that you’re gathering momentum, you want to slow down.

Slack off.

Stop doing what works.

You give yourself a “wee break” which is code for “I’ll start next Monday” (month, year, before my holidays, after the cruise….).

Reality check: You need to keep doing what works.

Simply because – we get what we want in life by taking small, regular steps in the right direction.

Losing weight isn’t the immediate, massive leap of which we all dream. That ‘overnight’ success only happens in the movies. It’s make believe! Only in Hollywood does the star wake up with seemingly miraculous results.

Yet we are conditioned to look for those immediate results. And we all secretly hope to find it.

But it’s an utterly, hopeless illusion.

Because in real life, dropping a dress size is all about the small decisions you make, every day.

In the moment of each decision, it feels like they aren’t very meaningful.

And in each moment, you really don’t see a big, surprising result, either.

But when you keep doing the small stuff, you will wake up one day and you will have achieved what you want most.

Make peace with that encouraging fact.

Keep going lovely.

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’re tired of the disappointment of ‘Hollywood thinking’ and are ready for something that works – permanently, forever, once and for all – weight loss hypnotherapy can help. Why not drop me a line over here.


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