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Happy 2018 gorgeous!

Have you seen how much the term ‘self-care’ is trending recently?

Back when I was eyebrow-deep in my food struggle, I was scathingly dismissive of self-care. How frivolous and trivial!

But, now, I realise it’s an essential adult life-skill that correlates directly to our health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Every day, many of the smart, busy women I see for weight loss hypnotherapy share that “taking care of myself plummets to the bottom of my To Do list when I’m busy, or life feels overwhelming.”

Most clients have a history of caring so much for others, for so long, that they’re emotionally doubled over in pain, confused as to why they’re exhausted and wondering why they seek comfort in food, or binge or overeat.

Sure, when the calendar gets busy, or stress levels skyrocket, it can be tempting to skip the daily practices that comprise our self-care.

But as women, we need to knock that off and start putting our oxygen masks on first, so that we can be happy and healthy during 2018, and beyond.

Three reasons why self-care is important if becoming your happy shape and size is your goal for 2018.

    1. Little eyes notice everything you doWe all know that actions speak louder than words. The way you respect your own needs is a much more powerful example to the youngsters in your home than any words you say. We, women, need to walk our talk and show the younger generation that self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for a happy, healthy life.
    2. Self-care is life-giving oxygenWhen we practice regular self-care, we’re more able to focus on living life fully, we’re more engaged and productive, and less drawn to self-sabotaging “escape” behaviours like procrastination or stress eating.
    3. Self-care creates feelings of relaxation, calm, and peaceSelf-care activates your body’s self-repair mechanisms, it encourages better digestion and improves our immune functioning.

And my favourite…

    1. No one likes a martyr!Who hasn’t been there? You said ‘yes,’ and you slapped a smile on your face, but every fibre of your being was screaming ‘no!’

      Martyrdom is soooooo last season! Ignoring your self-care leads to feelings of irritability, resentment, frustration, exhaustion, and increased health issues. It can even impair our immune functioning.

So listen to your body. Start prioritising your self-care this year. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is your heart feeling heavy? What’s your gut telling you?

Start noticing the signals that you need nourishment. And start doing the small daily practices, the self-care that allows you to be more you.

Take the time to go for that walk in nature, enjoy some deep energising breaths, or start that new hobby you’ve been contemplating for years. What are you waiting for?

Do the small things that you love to do

And the more you give yourself oxygen, the more you can be there for loved ones but from a place of joy, of peace, of love.

However you choose to do self-care, know this gorgeous—you are worthy and deserving of self-care, freedom and fun. So take care of you, okay?

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’ve decided that losing weight is part of your self-care for 2018, the virtual gastric banding can help. Why not drop me a line so you can start taking care of you.

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