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As strange as it sounds, your mind has a way of standing between you and the silhouette you covet.

Your mind has the potential to help you become your happy shape and size.

But, it can also do an eye-wateringly good job of sabotaging your healthy intentions.

That little voice just chats away in your head, doesn’t it?  

Seeeeeeee, I toldddddddd you …. you’ll NEVER be the shape you want to be!!!!” as you dive into the biscuit tin.

Depressing, right?

Before you can change your body – you must first be aware that it’s your head that’s preventing you from shifting the weight.

So, have you got a fat head?!

Here are eight signs it’s your head keeping you overweight.

1. You know HOW to live a healthy lifestyle …. but…. well…. you just don’t DO it, even though you’re desperate to become your happy shape and size.

2. You can’t seem to stay consistent with healthy habits for an extended period.

3. It’s like there’s a tug-of-war battling away inside you. This battle is between the part of you that wants to lose weight and the part of you that fights it. And darn it, it’s the fighting part that always wins as you overeat and avoid exercise.

4. You find it hard to imagine ever having a peaceful relationship with food or your body.

5. You continue to do the same things over and over, getting the same results – that you do not like – and you tell yourself “maybe, hopefully, someday ‘things will change”’.

6. You refuse to get the help of a professional because you think you should be able to ‘sort it out’ on your own.

7. You consistently search for and collect food and exercise and motivation tips while ignoring where 95% of the problem is—in your head—the part that stops you from taking action with those tips!

8. You don’t like the reflection you see in the mirror and feel hopeless to do anything about changing it.

The bottom line is this…

If you’re unhappy with your shape and size—and you’re not getting the results you seek—there’s “stuff” going on in your unconscious mind that’s preventing you from being your happy, healthy weight.

And no amount of dieting can remedy that.

HEADS-UP: If you’re sitting there reading this thinking “I just need to harden up and sort it out”, know this. If you could ‘sort it out alone’, you’d have done it by now…….right?!

But what if you were to ditch your fat head and get a happy, healthy weight management mindset instead?

Then what?

Imagine that sweetheart…

Love etc, Avril

PS: Permanent, lasting weight management can be challenging. If you’re really really ready to be your happy shape and size, hypnotherapy can help you release your unconscious barriers so you can be the shape and size you choose to be. Why not pop on over here and explore what hypnotherapy can do for your energy levels, your head and your health?

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