What does self-care have to do with overeating?

A lot, actually.

Every week, many of the smart women I see for weight loss hypnotherapy share,

“I’m soooooooooooooooo busy, I’ve fallen off my own to-do list.”

Sure, it sounds harmless enough.

But falling off your own to-do list has some very negative consequences.

Like resentment eating, reward eating, and comfort eating.

Here’s the thing.

If you’re not taking care of you—making time for your emotional needs—then how surprising is it that you’re seeking solace in food?


Here are 8 ways to increase your self-care today (no matter how busy you are!):

  1. Learn to say no with ease and grace

Men know how to do this instinctively. We women need to practice. Does it light you up inside? Do you really want to attend that party? Be on that committee? If not, it’s a no. The more you say no, the more time you have to say yes to the stuff that’s important to you. For heaven’s sakes, please stop saying yes just to be liked!

  1. Drink more water

A hydrated body is an energised body. And often when you’re reaching for food, very often you’re actually thirsty—so drink up and nourish yourself. It’s such a quick win.

  1. Stop JADEing

What’s JADEing?! Time after time, clients share how this awesome acronym helps with provide them with compassionate boundaries. Stop justifying, arguing, defending or excusing yourself to other people. Make your choices based on what you want. It’s your life. Start owing it. Many women think that having boundaries makes them a ‘meanie’ or selfish. Nope. Boundaries are respectful and kind to everyone.

  1. Get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night

Sleep deprivation leads to increased cravings for starchy, sugary and heavily-processed foods. Make your sleep non-negotiable.

  1. Collect ways of indulging yourself (that don’t involve food)

Cuddle your pet, breathe deeply or spend 10 minutes exploring that cute pinterest board that inspires you. Do something that makes you smile and helps you reconnect with yourself for a few moments.

  1. Add more music to your day

I used to be very sniffy of this suggestion—until I tried it. Instant mood changer! Move your body to the beat. Wake up those good-feeling hormones to your favourite song.

  1. Stay away from toxic people

Toxic people can suck the energy right out of you. You know what I’m talking about. You’re feeling energised, inspired but after a five-minute conversation with them, you’re depleted and seeking comfort food.

  1. Ask for help

This is a biggie for us women. Just ask. Be vulnerable. Most people are very willing to give of knowledge or time, and are grateful to be asked. Think of a woman you admire. Chances are, she gets support. Ask for help and allow yourself permission to receive.

Finally, however you choose to do self-care, know that you are worthy and deserving of self-care.

Stop tricking yourself by saying, “I’ll give myself self-care as a reward when I’ve ticked everything on my to-do list?”

How’s that working out for you?!

So, I encourage you to put yourself on your own to-do list immediately. And notice how overeating becomes more and more a thing of the past as you nourish your emotional needs.

If you’ve decided that becoming your happy shape and size is part of your self-care for 2019, virtual gastric band hypnotherapy can help. Why not drop me a line so you can start taking care of you.

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