A common theme with clients this week has been the impact of toxic relationships on their weight.

These clients have recognised that their comfort eating increases in direct response to the amount of time they spend with the ‘challenging’ people.

For some, it’s consistent unnecessary comments from their boss. For others it’s a repetitive nosey question from a family member.

It’s easy for an intrusive question to trigger that fearful part of us (that then wants to seek comfort in the pantry).

Here’s a tool that is a game-changer for handling those awkward moments that are so prevalent in day to day life.

Use this elegant tool so that you can stay calm, feel safe and reduce comfort eating.

It’s called Bean Dipping

Bean dipping is the art of redirecting conversations.

Like “have you tried this delicious bean-dip?”

For example:

Aunt Myrtle: “How’s your thesis coming along? You seem to be taking forever.”
You: “Thanks for asking Aunt Myrtle! It’s coming along great. Have you tried the hummus?”

Dad: “When’s your boyfriend going to make an honest woman of you?”
You: “All in good time, Dad! How’d your doctor appointment go?”

Mother: “Why don’t you hurry up and make me a grandmother?”
You: “Haha, you’re funny! How was your holiday, Mum?”

Sister: “How much did your flash new car set you back?”
You: “Worth every penny, sis! Where are you guys going for the school holidays?”

The idea is to give as little information as possible and immediately change the subject.

Some easy bean dip responses: the weather, sports stuff, or respond back with a question of your own.

Now, it’s totally up to you. You can talk to friends and family about personal stuff.

But if they’re judgy or you find it triggers you into panic (and next minute you’re elbow-deep in a packet of crisps)—stop sharing so openly!

Have fun with it.

Go try the bean dip today. It’s delicious, lol.


If you struggle with toxic people and your weight, the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy can help. Why not drop me a line so you can start to feel safe to become your happy shape and size.

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