Hi there, welcome to your tip of the week to help you make peace with food.

This week’s tip is super simple and comes from a recent virtual gastric band client.

She was celebrating that she can now fit her wedding rings. Yay, right!

When I asked her what was the mindset tweak that made the difference in her journey. Her response surprised me:

It was….

Tiddler steps.


I know right, it seems too simple.

But it makes sense.

We can accomplish anything, no matter how big, how grand, how distant if we break the journey into small enough steps.

Think about that.

She’s proof that by focusing on the next small step—not two months down the path, not next year, not three years from now—creates change.

She explained how by focusing only on the next step she was able to get around that fearful, critical, self-sabotaging voice in her head.

You know the one.

That negative voice that wants everything to be done right now. (like, yesterday!)

The way to outsmart that voice is to take super small steps.

Because even tiddler steps add up to radical change over time.

Ironically, that’s exactly why that fearful voice doesn’t want you to take small steps because it knows you will create change.

So over to you gorgeous.

What’s your next tiddler step?

What one small thing can you do today that would move you closer towards your happy shape and size?

Is it a seven minute walk at lunchtime? Is it drinking more water? Is it adding more veges to your dinner?

Often it’s the smallest tweak that creates flow and momentum.

Get clear on what your next small step is – and go do it now.

I hope you found that useful.

Have a super day!

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