Hello, how are you? I’m Avril, weight loss hypnotherapist for women, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to your tip of the week to help you make peace with food.

Thanks for being here.

This week’s tip is all about eating from smaller bowls and smaller plates.

Really, why would you do that?

I know, I know I know –  it sounds crazy.

But there’s plenty of research that shows when you eat from a smaller plate, you’re actually happier with much smaller portions.

It’s a curious thing but we feel less hungry, less deprived because you’ll still have eaten from a “full” plate.

Think back to your childhood. Most of us have been conditioned to eat everything on our plates.

Which is an issue in this day and age because of the relentless upsizing of portions that has occurred over the last several decades.

ENORMOUS has become the new normal!

We tell ourselves, “Oh, I only had a muffin for breakfast” but muffin sizes are enormous.  

One muffin in this day and age can pack in nearly as many calories as an entire meal did in our parent’s generation.

It’s the same with bowls of cereal. The bowls are enoooooooooormous.

But in our mind, “it’s just one serve.”

Our brain focuses on the number of serves – not the amount – which is leading us up the weight-gain garden-path!!!!!

Fast food outlets have rather cleverly taken advantage of this.

Think about when McDonald’s opened in NZ in the 70s, they only had only one size of fries – which was ‘small’. It was thought that if people wanted more, they’d order more.

But people didn’t because they felt greedy asking for two portions. McDonalds marketing team cottoned onto this very early on so they gradually made their portions size bigger and bigger and bigger.

Suddenly it’s psychologically easier for us to order – and eat – much more food. 

How to prevent portion creep

So what can you do about this portion creep without super size yourself?

The easiest and simplest way to prevent portion creep is to eat from smaller plates and bowls.

That way you can take advantage of the optical confusion of eating from a smaller bowl or a smaller plate while still feeling satisfied.

I hope you found that helpful.

I’ll see you next week for your weekly tip on how you can make peace with food.

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