Are you one of the many women who’re dreading the holidays because of the “inevitable”weight gain?

I’m so happy to share four tips on how you can navigate the Christmas holidays WITHOUT putting on any weight.

1. Stop giving yourself ‘permission’ to put on weight

Many women – and I’m not judging here because I definitely used to be one of them – are unintentionally giving themselves permission to put on weight.

You can still enjoy yummo festive treats but you need to stop giving yourself permission by saying things like:

“I have zero willpower, I’m practically guaranteed to go up a dress size at Christmas!!!”

You see, when we give ourselves permission to put on weight over the holidays – we will! You see our mind always seeks to prove itself right. That’s how it works.

So instead, what I encourage you to do is make a commitment to enjoy the Christmas treats, eat them mindfully, eat them slowly and be grateful for them.

Once you make that commitment, all other decisions are much much much easier.

2. Turn off the telly while you’re eating

Watching telly leads us to eat mindlessly and we forget exactly how many festive chocolates we’ve already had.

I’m not suggesting zero Netflix all holiday season, okay, just no telly while you’re eating.

3. Reduce stress and overwhelm by belly breathing

How perverse is it that we can look forward to the holidays all year, yet when they arrive, they can be super stressful!!

Unfortunately, stress can trigger cravings, especially for sugary treats. 

So remember you can reduce stress by breathing deeply. I know it sounds simple and low tech but you can breathe your way back to your happy place.

4. Stop saying yes (just to beliked)

We’ve all had that situation where we’ve been badgered by friends or family members or the host into eating more than we want to eat by them pushing pushing seconds onto your plate.

Remember it’s okay to respectfully decline.

You can always divert your host’s offer of another slice of cake with “I’m done, that was wonderful, no more cake, but I’d love a cup of tea.”

Allow your host to be generous, kind and loving but in a way that respects your needs as well.

Stop eating out of obligation, guilt or fear.

Just say no.

Remember, the festive season is a time of celebration, of gifts of love. Why not use these four tips so that you can give yourself the greatest gift of all – that of health?

Wishing you all a fun, happy, healthy holidays!

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