This week we’re talking about the   CONVERSATION.

You know the one.

It’s that conversation that countless women have in their head every Sunday night, any given Sunday.

It goes something like this:

“That’s it. Enough’s enough. Tomorrow I’m going on a diet. I’m going to lose this weight, once and for all because I’m sick of feeling like this.”

Often the conversation is triggered by a comment from an unsuspecting family member. Sometimes it’s from seeing an unforgiving photo on Facebook. Or, maybe, even our elasticised jeans have started to feel tight.

So, it’s Sunday night….

And post-conversation, we’re positivity bursting with motivation… commitment…. and will power. “Forget about all those other diets”, we confidently tell ourselves, “they were just practice sessions for this Monday.”

And, because we’ve all been here before, we know how that scenario ends, right?!

By Wednesday we’re struggling with cravings, our willpower has gone AWOL, and we find ourselves elbow-deep in the family-sized packet of chips, wondering where all that positivity and motivation went.

Life is too short for diets.

Life is too short for that conversation.

The real problem with the  “I’ll start the diet on Monday” (or the NY or any other arbitrary starting point)  is that those dates are completely meaningless.

What we’re really saying is “not now” or “right now I can’t commit to myself.”

And therein lies the problem.

Sure we can imagine committing to a healthier way of being sometime in the future, but not now.

And here’s the kicker…

…that future date n.e.v.e.r. e.v.e.r arrives.

Because when Monday or New Year’s Day actually does arrive, we then let some other future date delay our start date again and again and again

We become helpless.  We lose our confidence. We get stuck in that yoyo cycle

And our jeans get even tighter.

So what can you do instead, gorgeous?

Always start now.

In this breath.
In this moment.


No matter the day, the date, the season.

Anytime you notice that you’re delaying being nourishing to your body, delaying it to sometime in the future – come back home to yourself.

In the now.

No flash start date required.

No fanfare.
No drama.

All you need do is …start nourishing your body now.

Start today.

And before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming your happy shape and size step by step.

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