I’m often asked:

“How is it that I can be very successful in my corporate career, in control of every area of my life, and achieve goals but I really struggle when it comes to my weight?”

It’s a very, very common frustration.

Today we’re exploring 3 common and unhelpful mistakes that high achieving women make when it comes to them being their happy shape and size.

1. Law of ‘Faster, Harder, More Focused = Better

With many goals, when we work harder, faster, and are more focused – we typically reap quicker rewards.

But in the journey to becoming your happy shape and size, the opposite can be true.

Permanent weight loss is like a box of tangled Christmas lights.

The harder you pull at the knotted mess, the faster you try to untangle it, the tighter the knot gets.


Harder and faster paradoxically does NOT equal faster weight loss.

2. The Law of Deprivation

Often with weight loss, our logic is “if cutting back a little helps me lose a little bit of weight, then cutting back a lot will speed things up, right?”

Logical in theory – yes.

But does it work in practice? Nope.

The very practice of deprivation sends our incredibly wise body into the  starvation response.

And the third most common mistake of high achieving women is to have a…

3. Super Scary Deadline

For example, “I have four weeks to fit my bikini for the cruise.”

We think that the urgency will spur us into action.

But does it?

Again, nope.

So, what’s the answer?

Let’s go back and have a look at the tangled Christmas lights. Forget rushing, yanking, stressing, take the opposite approach.

Go gently.

Permanent weight loss is about creating a lifestyle that supports you  in the long term.

Slow down.

Gradually …unravel the wires.

With patience and persistence.

Start making small changes to your eating that you know you can and want to live with for the rest of your life (not just until the cruise!)

Be patient. It might take longer than you thought, but it will be worth it.

Keeping on keeping on.

I hope you found that helpful.

If Ms High Achiever, if you’re watching this thinking, “I knooooooooooow what to do I’m just not doing it!” why not join the hundreds of smart, successful women who’ve become their happy shape and size with the virtual gastric band hypnosis.


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