Could This Two-Letter Word Help You Stop Overeating?

This week’s tip is super short but super important.

It’s a major stumbling block for many many women on the weight loss journey.

What am I talking about?

It’s the inability to say “no” …….without feeling very, very guilty.

For many women, saying “no” triggers our deepest fears.

“Uh-oh, I’m unkind / a meanie  / selfish and other people will see unkind/ a meanie / selfish.”

Many of the beautiful women I work overeat because they can’t say “no.”

And I’m NOT talking about saying no to food.

I’m talking about all those times during the day when you’re asked to do something, maybe outside your job spec, you slap a smile on your face and you nod “sure sure I’ll do that” but inside you’re pissed!!!’

It happens a lot.

Many of us women are conditioned from birth to believe it’s feminine, and somehow attractive, to put other people’s needs first.

And, if we don’t, then = selfish.

Of course, rationally, we know that’s utter utter utter rubbish.

But on an emotional level we feel very triggered.

So many women are living a life of saying “yes” when their soul is screaming “no” and they’re exhausting.

That resentment and frustration is a recipe for overeating.

So what’s a busy kind-hearted woman to do?

The quickest way to eliminate this type of overeating is a clean, clear and very firm “no, that doesn’t work for me.”

If you’re sitting there freaking out, the good news is that learning to say “no” is a learned skill.

Meaning, even if you’re taught everyone that you’re a “yes” person or a people-pleaser up until now, you can start owning your ”no”, from today.

It just takes a little bit of practice.

Like all skills, start small. Say no to something inconsequential.

And every day practice working your no muscle.

A client recently shared how she’d said no to a sibling. She felt like she was going to burst into flames! guess what she didn’t.

No guilt, no justifying. She just said no. thank you but no. And how liberating, how freeing it was for her.

The more you own your no, the more you’re able to make space for the yeses in your life.

Goodbye resentment eating. Hello being your happy shape and size.

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