This week I’ve got a lovely tip for you.

It’s especially good if you regularly beat yourself up or are hard on yourself.

Research shows that self-compassion is a critical ingredient for our happiness, health and weight loss.

Even small amounts of self-compassion influence our eating habits in a very very positive manner.

The challenge though is that most of us women, we really struggle to be nice to ourselves for more than five minutes.

So here’s a wee tip to help you remember to support yourself, you be kinder to yourself, to be nicer to yourself, more and more often.

What I suggest you do is…

Add a few ‘pop ups’ in your phone calendar.

Just like you would with an appointment with a friend.

But this is an appointment with yourself.

It might be something like:

            “Good for you on eating slowly!”

            “Well done for being more and more mindful.”

            “Nice work for breathing deeply.”

            “Congratulations on going for that morning walk.”

            “High five for being awesome!!!”

Add a pop up that resonates with you.

The first time I heard this I was like:

            “Whatever! How can something so small possibly work?!”

But it does!

As they pop up during the day, they remind you to be relentlessly encouraging of yourself.

I have four or five pop-ups every day, and even if I only read the first couple of words – rather than the whole message – those words are sooooo supportive.

“Well done…..”, “Rock on……”, “Nice one…….”,”Hats off……..”

Often private clients share how if they’re in a bit of a funk, that pop-up will pop up, and snap them right out of it.

It’s that gentle, encouraging voice helping you to keep on going towards your happy shape and size.

I hope you found that helpful. How

So go ahead, put some encouraging pop-ups in your calendar today.

I’ll see you next week : )

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