A couple of months ago a bunch of gorgeous women – maybe even you – resolved to make changes to their weight this year.

If your commitment is already waning, here’s something you can do immediately to make 2019 the year that you feel comfortable n your skin.

1. Go and write down your goal.

Make it something meaningful to you.

(Not your mum, not your husband, not your best friend!)

Meaningful to you.

It’s simply impossible to remain committed to something that bores you to tears.

For example, is this year really about losing 20 kgs?

Or, is it the year that you decided to fall in love with yourself. …oh, and by the way, you lost 20kgs in the process?

See what I mean? Make it meaningful to you!

2. Make the action towards your goal absolutely tiny.

Tiddler small. So tiddler small that you can’t help but achieve it.

Maybe it’s a 15-minute walk after dinner.

Perhaps it’s turning off the television while you’re eating so you can be more mindful.

Just pick one thing to focus on at a time.

And before you know it, you’ve dropped a dress size and you’re positively glowing.

But even better than the decreasing weight, is the increasing belief in yourself.

You can do this. You ARE doing this.

And I know it’s not especially glamorous, BUT this is how you get results.

Pick one goal. Change one action.

Remember that small habit change adds up to radical change over time.

If you’ve already fallen off the weight loss bandwagon, don’t be too hard on yourself!

Every day is a new opportunity to start afresh.

Every day.

Any day.

Like today.

I hope you found that useful and I’ll see you next week for another Making Peace With Food tip.

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