POPULAR QUESTION: “Heeelp—How do I handle the plateau?”

How do I handle the plateau?

It is SUCH a common question!

A plateau happens when you’re doing everything right, but your body isn’t changing.

Boy oh boy do I feel your pain.

We all just want there to be a magic bullet!

Since there isn’t one, here’s three things to bear in mind to keep the “plateau panic” at bay:

1. Understand that plateaus are part of the journey.

If you think you’re the exception to this rule, what planet are you living on?

That kind of fantasy-thinking sets you up for failure because when the scale stops moving we go into the depression, frustration and self-judgement.


2. Take back your power from the plateau.

A plateau is just a plateau is just a plateau.

Stop believing the plateau has a magical superpower because that’s how we abdicate our own responsibility, and we abdicate our own power.

For example, how often do you make the non-movement of the scale mean all sorts of very, very unhelpful things?

Things like: “I suck….”

Things like: “I can’t do this…”

Things like: “I’ll never be my happy shape and size…”

The truth of the matter is: you don’t suck, the sky is not falling on your head – you’re okay!

Stop making the plateau mean something it doesn’t mean.

Just be patient, ok.

3. Stop trying to “break through” the plateau.

Many diet gurus teach us to break through a plateau by starving ourselves.

You know you do not need to starve yourself to shift this weight.

Just keep doing what you’re already doing – and be patient.

Do the deep breathing, the mindful eating, the slow eating, moving body every day.

Stay brave.

Stay consistent.

Most importantly… stay engaged and keep on keeping on – step by step.

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