This week’s tip is suuuuper simple ………but it’s not always easy to apply!

What is it?

It’s to eat more slooooooowly.

I know, I know, “How can something sooooo simple help me become my happy shape and size?!

But here’s the thing…..


Here’s why.

We have a hormone called leptin in our stomach. It tells our brain when we’re full. It’s the “I’m satisfied, stop now” signal.

But …….leptin is a slowcoach. It takes 15 minutes to go from your stomach to your brain to register “I’m satisfied”.

So, if you’re standing in the pantry shovelling potato chips into your mouth (like I used to do) it’s very, very easy to go from vaguely hungry to absolutely stuffed—without giving your brain the chance to register “hey honey – you’ve had enough!”

Perversely …

And rather perversely, the heavier we become, the less leptin we produce. But the terrific news is that it’s entirely reversible.

As you slooooooooooow down your eating and shift this weight, your body starts to produce more and more leptin, which is why slimmer people notice the “I’m satisfied” feeling so much faster.

How do slow down your eating speed?

The simplest way is to put your silverware down between mouthfuls and chew deliberately.

It’s not very exciting. I grant you. But it works.

Confession time: Do I eat slowly at every meal? Heck, no! If I have five minutes for lunch between clients, then I eat pretty darn quickly.

But it’s what we do most of the time that matters on your journey to becoming your happy shape and size.

So, starting from your next mouthful, concentrate on eating more slowly.

I hope you found that useful!

Have a super day, eat sloooooooooooowly, and I look forward to seeing you next week with another making peace with food tip.

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