When women discover I’m a weight loss hypnotherapist, one of the first questions they ask me is, “What foods should I avoid to lose weight?”

My advice around food is incredibly simple.

It’s so simple it’s often overlooked.

Ultimately, I believe ‘forbidden foods’ lists or ‘eat this not that’ lists actually set us up for weight loss failure.


Because…. we all know that what’s repressed becomes the obsessed!

Perhaps you know what I mean!

As soon as certain foods are declared “out of bounds”, we immediately start obsessing about the exact thing we’ve been told to avoid.


For example, you don’t even fancy chocolate but now you’ve decided to go sugar-free…. mmmmmm chocolate…

Clearly there are some foods which are more nourishing, more healthy and more alive than others.

We all know that.

But the way I like to look at food is….

nothing is actually off the menu.

For example, an apple is healthier than a Snickers bar. But sometimes the exact thing your soul needs is a Snickers bar….

So what I do want you to do is eat the Snickers bar. Savour it, eat it slowly, eat it mindfully and enjoy every single delicious mouthful.

The curious thing is that when nothing is off the menu, so many of our cravings fall away and we find ourselves seeking out fresher, direct-from-the-garden, healthier foods.


Permanent, long term weight loss comes from listening to our own beautiful body.

She has so much wisdom.

So, rather than accepting someone else’s Forbidden Foods List (and failing to stick to it!) and then beating yourself up, I’d encourage you to tune into your tummy.

She has so much wisdom.

I hope you found that useful and I look forward to seeing you next week with another making peace with food tip. Byyyyyye.


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